Democratic Iowa Caucus Speeches


Hillary Clinton Bernie Sanders Off to New Hampshire!  

Republican Iowa Caucus Speeches


Ted Cruz Donald Trump Marco Rubio Off to New Hampshire!  

Clinton Defeats Sanders in Democratic Caucus

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton fought it out all night and morning in the 2016 Democratic Iowa Caucus and Clinton edges sanders out by four votes (699 – 695) and one delegate. It is on to the New Hampshire Primary! Click here to get the latest news, speeches, and polls.  

Cruz Defeats Trump


Ted Cruz (8 delegates) edges Donald Trump (7 delegates) and Marco Rubio (7 delegates) to win the Iowa Caucus.  Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush each grab one delegate.     Ted Cruz flipped  the polls about 4% with Trump in the last days to win the 2016 Iowa Caucus.  Cruz either got last minute momentum …

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Final Prediction for Iowa Caucus Results – Republicans and Democrats

iowa caucus results

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton win the Iowa Caucuses! Final Mock Results Republicans Donald Trump 27% Ted Cruz 26% Marco Rubio 19% Ben Carson 9% Rand Paul 6% Chris Christie 3% Jeb Bush 3% Mike Huckabee 3% John Kasich 2% Carly Fiorina 1% Rick Santorum 1% Democrats Hillary Clinton – 54% Bernie Sanders – 45% …

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Rubio Surges, Trump Maintains Lead in Final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Iowa Poll


Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll In the final Des Moines Register Iowa Caucus poll Marco Rubio has surged to 15% and a strong third place showing.  He likely is the winner of the Trumpless debate and this last minute surge will shake up the final results.  Trump maintains a 5% lead over Cruz whiles …

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Super Bowl Predictions? How about Iowa Caucus Predictions?


There is not much left to report on the Caucuses, so in the spirit of Super Bowl predictions, lets start hearing some Iowa Caucus predictions. Here is an interesting article from the San Diego Tribune with their predictions on the 2016 Iowa Caucuses and the 2016 GOP nomination.   Full Article Super Bowl Prediction – Carolina …

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Time: 6 Reasons to Be Wary of Iowa Polls


The caucuses pose a unique challenge to pollsters.  Few things in political polling are as challenging as the Iowa caucuses. Held every four years, the first-in-the-nation presidential voting is everything a pollster hates: complicated, unpredictable and high-profile. Nonetheless, major polling firms soldier on, in part because he interest in who might win the state is so …

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How the Iowa Caucus Works

iowa how

There have been many requests for some more information on exactly how the Iowa Caucus works. Here are two videos to help those who have never experienced a caucus or even for those who have because you will still learn something! How the Iowa Caucus Works  

Trump Way Ahead in Unscientific National Drudge Poll

Trump Poll

The Drudge Report continues its poll which asks, “Who is your Republican pick for president?” and Donald Trump continues to crush all competition, receiving over half (56.41%) of the vote.  The poll is clearly not scientific and more importantly it is not Iowa specific, it is a national, probably even an international poll. With that said, it still is …

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