2016 Iowa Caucus

Iowa-Caucus 2016
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  1. susan

    I am going to Iowa in January. Want to experience your caucus!

  2. Judith smith

    Can’t wait to see Bernie in action

    1. Anonymous

      Trump 2016

      1. Anonymous

        Trump supporters need to be Anonymous!

    2. Anonymous

      Why would you possibly vote for a socialist?

      1. Karen

        Americans! We ARE a socialist country, just not a good one! Bernie will make us a good one! Health care for all! Rebuild the infrastructure. Stop climate change. Stop endless war. Living minimum wage. Treatment, not incarceration! Vote, donate, and volunteer for Bernie Sanders! I do. Vote for the future of your children

        1. nancy

          we were not a socialist country ever — we had choices socialism leads to communism per Benjamin Franklin and Margaret Thatcher — when the money runs out — and if Bernie is so great how come he he wasn’t totally honest about his plan of getting free this and free that it took a report to ask will the taxes be raised in the last 12 years don’t you think that the taxes were raised enough the biggest tax hike was under Clintons reign – so take your socialistic wonderment and well you know what to do with it im to much a lady

          1. Haywood Yablome

            Taxes are there to pay for stuff… infrastructure, health care, schools, police, military (that’s right, the military is publicly funded. This, my dear is socialism.). many things are paid by taxes.

            you want tax cuts. Oh they will give tax cuts. then they introduce user fees. Guess what. you pay taxes on the user fees. so now your paying taxes on a tax.

            People must to stop thinking just about them self.

            Lastly, if your a Donal Trump fan….He is a business man, you want him to run the country like a business. Did you know His companies declared bankruptcy 4 times!!!! In 1991, 1992, 2004, and again in 2009. What will he do with America? Just declare bankruptcy? that’s going to work pretty well.

        2. Anonymous


      2. Jean

        Why would you vote for somebody who has no plan and is arrogant to boot?

  3. Peggy James

    I am hoping to attend the caucus! I am voting for a candidate who has true leadership values and qualities. Senator Bernie Sanders is kind, loyal, honest, humble, authentic, energetic, intelligent, experienced, and passionate about helping every child succeed in this country, thus building a stronger and brighter USA for future generations! Please examine this public servant at heart, Mr. Bernie Sander’s record, in legislative proceedings on you tube. The Veterans of Foreign Wars recently presented Senator Sanders the highest congressional award in his persistent support for veterans.

  4. Atrayal

    Everyone in Iowa just know that Bernie Sanders Campaign has been sabotaged. Check the footage that was cut while Sanders Campaign was having a live conference about the DNC “glitch”. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Av3RrMmhYsI

  5. Anonymous

    Bernie Sanders is the clear winner in this Iowa caucus poll, yet the article up for posting states the Clinton is in the lead. Must be owned by Time Warner? In the tank for $hillary Clinton??? This whole ploy of DW Shultz and the DNC has done for the DNC what the Tea party did for the RNC.
    Now hear us ROAR BERNIE SANDERS ever louder than before.
    This lifelong Democrat @ age 53 will go ( I ) after the elections.

  6. Marian

    I can’t remember the last time we had a person with Sec of State experience on the ballot. Intelligence and her experience traveling the world and learning the subtleties of regional conflicts is what makes her my choice. Additionally, studies have long shown that closing the gender gap in violent third-world countries (investing in girls’ education) decreases poverty and resultant political instability. There is not one politician but H Clinton who has EVER cared about this. I remember interviews with people whe met a SoS – local farmers and traded women and activists – talking about her drive to help them. Please show me any other pol who gives a damn about improving a major ROOT CAUSE of unstable, impoverished, overcrowded nations: subjugation and exclusion of the female 50 percent. President Clinton won’t have any magic wand to fix these problems, but her history shows she at least gives a darn.

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