2016 Iowa Caucus

Iowa, it is election time once again. Candidates are present everywhere. We see their posters in different areas of our community, hear their appeal for our votes through media, and get flyers about their agenda. They have also invaded our social media accounts with photos of them supposedly in action, helping the poor, and talking to the people. They go through all these efforts to try to win our votes in the upcoming elections. But the question is, who among them is the real deal? Of course, we cannot deny the fact that they are packaged to look and act a certain way that is why we want to strip down the images and expose their true reflection.

The 2016 Iowa Caucus presents the latest news about the candidates of both Democrats and Republicans. We will let you know about their track records, qualifications, and political agenda. We expose the truth behind the controversies some of them may be involved in. We show the latest survey results to inform you how your candidates are doing so far.

We want to hear your voice. The Iowa Caucus invites you to attend local meetings of your political party affiliations let your voice be heard. Choose the candidates that you feel would best represent your ideals for change. Show your support for the candidate of your choice.
Aside from the caucus, we have created this page because we want to hear your thoughts about our agenda for change. Get involved even if you are garage door repairman in Milwaukee. What platforms would you like our candidates to discuss and pursue once elected to office? Join our online polls on who should be nominees for Democrats and Republicans. Let your voice be heard, it is your choice and your decision that matters. Join our online discussions and live sessions so that our community can know your thoughts and opinions regarding pertinent social issues affecting us now. We would like the candidates to know what matters most to the American people. After all, they will be the one representing us and our vision for this country.

We have also presented our interviews and research about the candidates’ profiles, achievements, their stand on social issues, and their platforms for change. Also, we gathered important voter’s information so that you can check your registration and precincts, know more about absentee, overseas, and military voting. There is no reason not to vote this coming election. You may only have one vote but together, all our votes will dictate the course of our nation.

We hope to help you reach an informed choice by presenting to you all the information that you need to know about the candidates and their political affiliations. We have also noted the different standards and qualifications that we should measure our candidates against to see if they fit our requirements for public officials.

Like you, we are excited about change. We look forward to a better America and hope that the lives of the people will be better off and that our ideals as a nation will be realized.