The loud trumpet mocks their very being and yet they follow. But faith in Iowans is to be had. The silent majority will defeat Donald Trump. While Donald Trump trips over his own ego giving speech after speech about “amazing ” things, the few real candidates run for president the way it is necessary to win a caucus, one county at a time.
This is not a prediction, but a guarantee, Donald Trump will not win Iowa. Proud, conservative, wise Iowans will slay the dragon before he takes the flight to the nomination and thus not giving the election to the Democrats in a landslide.


Good evening my friends.  Today Donald Trump quit the Fox GOP Iowa Caucus debate listing several reason from not liking Megan Kelly to his concerns over TV ratings.  But oh my dear readers you must not believe the words he speaks, but instead observe his actions. This modern Svengali lures his sheep with his simple magic. It’s not too late to save our party.


The recent endorsement of Donald Trump by Sarah Palin is the final straw for our organization, The Anonymous Conservative. Every good Conservative knows that Sarah Palin is a national embarrassment and she represents everything that is wrong with America. She has failed at everything she has attempted since quitting her office as governor half way through her term. Her Anti-American, Anti-Family, Anti-Common-Sense stances have made her the laughing stock of American politics.

Yet, even though Donald Trump has himself reached lower than a snake in the grass with lies about his views on religion, abortion, health care, and gun control, he has now crawled lower. Trump has already alienated the black vote, the Hispanic vote, and a high enough percentage of the women vote to make it mathematically impossible for the GOP to win with him in 2016.

Now he has shown his utter stupidity and blatant pandering by seeking and accepting the endorsement of Sara Palin.

We the people will not stand in silence.  We, THE ANONYMOUS CONSERVATIVE, have hacked and taken over the front page of the Iowa Caucus site in hopes to reveal the truth.

More To Come…

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