2016 Presidential Caucus and Primary Dates Set

2016 Iowa Caucus date

Feb. 1 — Iowa Caucuses

Feb, 2 – Republican Iowa Caucuses

Feb. 9 — New Hampshire Primary

Feb. 20 – Nevada Caucuses

Feb. 27 – South Carolina Primary

All other states would be permitted to hold contests between March 1 and June, with party conventions being held in the early or mid-summer.



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  1. JoAnn Regina

    Bernie Sanders is the change our country needs!

    1. H. Melley

      Nazi = National SOCIALIST
      USSR = Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics
      Bernie Sanders = Democratic SOCIALIST

      Although he talks a nice game and promises all kinds of goodies for FREE. Take a closer look and try to figure out where the money for all his pie in the sky promises comes from. That’s right more taxes and no not just from the rich. If he took every dime, every piece of property the top 5% own and sold it for top prices it would only fund his free college plan for less than a year.

      Regardless of what ever promises he makes socialism promises less personal freedom and liberty on the individual level for everyone and is essentially incompatible with the constitution. It has been proven over and over again that government is wasteful and inefficient and the larger the government and bigger the programs the waste and fraud is created.
      As to his free college plan the whole reason that the price of a college education is out of control is because of the expanded government programs for grants and financial aid.

      Don’t believe me look it up, in fact I urge you to do it anyway.

  2. Anonymous


  3. Atrayal


  4. Anonymous

    Why does the 2016 Presidential Caucus and Primary Dates Set have February 2015 on the calendar?

    BTW, Trump!

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