No Clear Leader In National Poll

mitt romney

Can he lose Iowa and still win the nomination?

The 2012 Republican nomination race is wide open with Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee are in a statistical tie while Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul all put up competitive numbers.

2012 iowa caucus presidential poll
The poll is bad news for Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour who barley register a blip on the poll.

Of course, these numbers mean little in Iowa right now where Mitt Romney is doomed. Take him out of the poll and Huckabee either pulls away from the pack or one of the other candidates take a big step up.


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  1. chris vernon

    Looking at the votes on the right –>
    It looks like the Pew Research Center needs to start includng Herman Cain on the list.

  2. Bill Lowry

    Again, another poll without Herman Cain who finishes in the top two or three of every poll he is in. What are you afraid of?? Keep it up conservative media and you will blow this election too!

  3. Jeannie

    Glad Barbour realized quickly — maybe Newt / Mitt / Huck should take heed– this is Sarah’s time. It is time for a woman to take the reins and she is the “one” (lol – pun intended) to take not only the nomination but to actually beat this administration! Run Sarah Run

  4. mikeswag

    where is ron paul on this poll?

  5. Mike

    Ron Paul is what this Great Country Needs!!!!!!!!! Read up on this Truth speaking machine. What he says and what he does are the same thing… CONSITANT not a flopper like half these lying FED supporting criminals…

  6. Bette

    And since there isn’t any what goblin class will you be? posts I’m just going to say it he&2#rI8e17;m going to be a Goblin rogue =PIt feels like goblins were made for rogues becuz i dont like trolls or orcs (too big and tall) and i dont like undeadBut blood elf I’m not sure but now that I know that goblins are coming out I was like forget the blood elfs!

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