Time: 6 Reasons to Be Wary of Iowa Polls

CaucusThe caucuses pose a unique challenge to pollsters.  Few things in political polling are as challenging as the Iowa caucuses. Held every four years, the first-in-the-nation presidential voting is everything a pollster hates: complicated, unpredictable and high-profile. Nonetheless, major polling firms soldier on, in part because he interest in who might win the state is so high.
With the Iowa caucuses set to take place on Monday, pollsters large and small have taken a shot at figuring out who’s ahead. But as you read the final polls coming out of the Hawkeye State, here are six reasons to be skeptical.
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  1. Anonymous

    Rand Paul would be much better than Trump for President. But, even better, in my opinion, would be Ben Carson!

  2. Joe Ryan

    If Donald Trump wins in Iowa after trailing a few weeks ago, it should be attributed to, Donald Trump’s pandering to the Ethanol lobby. Donald Trump’s desire to increase the power of the EPA regarding fuel blends coincides with his rise in the polls. Most importantly Iowa’s Governor Terry Barnstead is activity-asking people to support Trump over Cruz, in essence self-interests over Constitutional principles.

    From everything, I see and read about the people of Iowa I n think they take their role in the Presidential process seriously. Thier role has been to choose someone who represents the values of the heartland of America. In the end I think that most people Iowa will chose principles over self interest. Whether that will be enough to overcome those people based on the feeding at the public trough remains to be seen.

    This race is too important for us not to be wary of the same old cronyism and how it buys votes by selling our liberty.

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