Bachmann and Paul Shine in Ames Poll

Minnesota Congresswoman, Michell Bachmann has won the 2012 Iowa Caucus Ames Straw Poll with 28.55% of the vote.  Congressman Ron Paul finished in a close second with 27.65% of the vote.

Final Results:

1. Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (4823, 28.55%)

2. Congressman Ron Paul (4671, 27.65%)

3. Governor Tim Pawlenty (2293, 13.57%)

4. Senator Rick Santorum (1657, 9.81%)

5. Herman Cain (1456, 8.62%)

6. Governor Rick Perry (718, 3.62%) write-in

7. Governor Mitt Romney (567, 3.36%)

8. Speaker Newt Gingrich (385, 2.28%)

9. Governor Jon Huntsman (69, 0.41%)

10. Congressman Thad McCotter (35, 0.21%)


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  1. Bill421

    Interesting results. Maybe Ron Paul does have a chance. I am a Romney man, but I am losing my confidence that he can we anywhere but in the northeast.
    Can Paul really win???

    1. Jesse

      If Ron Paul can get enough supporters that the main stream media can no longer ignore him, than he has a very good chance of winning. His main problem at this point is simply name recognition, and people not knowing enough about his policies and idea’s. If the news won’t talk about him, then it is up to the people that believe in his policies to get the word out. I don’t agree with everyone of Pauls policies, but he makes more sense than most of the other so called contenders. Not to mention that Dr. Paul served our country in Vietnam and has been elected to congress 11 times, far exceeding any other candidate running against him. If you want to see something crazy, check out Dr. Pauls predictions on youtube. It would amaze anyone, they should just use those as his campaign ads. They are a very stark contrast to Obama’s videos, changing his stance on everything and making excuses for it.

  2. LouK

    Your headline is a bit misleading. Someone who might not know better could easily be led to believe that they actually “won” the straw poll, when the truth is they both bought and paid for their so-called victory. It is on record that Bachmann purchased 6,000 tickets at $35 a pop and gave them away in exchange for what……… votes of course. I don’t mind seeing some one getting credit where credit is due, but the facts are the facts, the Ames Straw Poll was not won, it was bought.

    1. Bill421

      Boo hoo! Paul and Bachmann played by the rules. Who do you support?

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