Bachmann Surges in Recent Iowa Poll

Michele BachmannA new Des Moines Register telephone survey of 400 likely Republican caucus-goers was conducted June 19 to 22 by Selzer & Co. of Des Moines. It has a margin of error of plus or minus 4.9%.

It shows soon-to-be declared candidate, Michele Bachmann, surging into second place, a mere percentage point behind the well-established, heavily-financed Mitt Romney. Herman Cain came in a distant, but respectable third place with 10%.

The bad news is for Tim Pawlenty who registered just 6% and newcomer Jon Hunstman who barely registered 2% of the vote.

Here are the complete results:

Mitt Romney ———- 23%
Michele Bachmann – 22%
Herman Cain ——— 10%
Ron Paul ————— 7%
Newt Gingrich ——— 7%
Tim Pawlenty ——— 6%
Rick Santorum ——– 4%
Jon Huntsman ——– 2%

Source: Des Moines Register


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  1. Carl Bradley

    I’m just curious about something. I am a Ron Paul Supporter and see him win almost every straw poll and online poll everywhere. I include your most recent straw poll from a week ago where he dominated the field winning 46% of the vote out of 3,351 verified unique voters.
    The media and mainstream GOP often distort and discount all his poll wins, I assume, because they have an agenda in which he does not fit. You, however are alleging to be the OFFICIAL news of the 2012 Iowa Caucus, yet you fall into the same trap of shennanigans.
    Ron Paul easily won your poll last week by an huge plurality of 46%, is cruising out in front with a staggering 75% majority thus far in your next online poll running currently, through 7/23/11 yet you report a poll of 400 likely Republican Caucus goers as giving Romney and Bachman 23% and 22% respectively and don’t even show Ron Paul in the list?
    Other media outlets at least credit him with the 7% he actually got in this one poll. If you are objective HOW is it, that miraculously, just like every other news source, all “typos” seem to slight the good doctor from Texas?
    If Ron Paul continues to win poll after poll, at some point, in the spirit of fainess and good of the nation, mustn’t you SHARE that news with Iowans trying to decide if their vote might push him into a victory, rather than leave them falsely thinking a vote for Ron Paul is a lost vote on an also-ran?
    I would very much like a response AND permission to post it on our web site.
    Carl Bradley

    1. iowa caucus

      Remember, straw polls are unscientific. Not insignificant, but unscientific. They measure a candidate’s supporters. It measures their organization and enthusiasm among other things.

      1. Carl Bradley

        I am fully aware straw polls and online polls are “unscientific”. My point was, and still is- The media and the two main parties predetermine who may or may not be relevant. The CPAC poll used to be revered as a stepping stone. Ron Paul wins two years in a row? BAM- it’s meaningless and unscientific.

        June 13th- Online polls after the NH debate “don’t matter, and aren’t scientific”. Ron Paul wins 7 of the major ones including MSNBC’s and CNN’s and the following morning. Do the mainstream media report that he won the 7 largest polls (even if unscientific)? No. Instead they find an arbitrary poll that included a TOTAL of FIFTY FOUR votes in which Mitt Romney got 28 and Ron Paul got none. CNN Not only REPORTS that as the result, but uses it as the background graphic of their broadcast that morning, ignoring their OWN poll which Ron Paul won overwhelmingly with over 70%.
        Again- I agree these are all “unscientific” but since we agree on that point, what is the rationale for making a big deal out of every poll Ron Paul does NOT win, while ignoring the much greater number which he does?

        1. iowa caucus

          Ya, you’re right. He is getting more attention this time around, but you’re right.

  2. Mike

    I love how Mrs. Bachmann is SO afraid of Dr. Ron Paul that he ISN’T EVEN LISTED in the above poll! Doesn’t she (or her handlers) have the BRASS to add ALL the currently CAMPAIGNING candidates to her polls or what is more than likely is she (and they) know that she will get SMOKED by a REAL candidate! Get real or in your case dont bother getting in to the race.

  3. Editor

    Thank you for pointed that out, you are correct he was left out, but he was in the poll at 7%. It has been corrected. Thank you again.

  4. rockee andrew

    AGAIN it appears RonPaulWinning!! BigTIME!!!!!

  5. Bachman2012

    Ron Paul has zero chance of winning. Join us and we will take the White House!
    Michele Bachmann 2012!

    1. Loyal Yank

      RON PAUL > Bachmann. Age before beauty.

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