Bernie Sanders Can Win the Iowa Caucus

bernie sanders 2016 iowa caucusBy Brent Budowsky

Let me be the first commentator to state explicitly what many Democratic insiders fear and many of the most progressive activists in the party yearn for: There is a very real prospect that Senator Bernie Sanders wins an outright victory in the Iowa caucus and pulls off one of the most stunning upsets in modern political history.

At this moment I would put the odds that Mr. Sanders upsets Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucus at nearly 40 percent. As someone who can fairly be called a Democratic insider myself, I can report that some of the smartest Democratic strategists in national politics privately believe this but will not publicly state it. I just did.

To fully understand the powerful forces at work within the Democratic Party and national politics, and why Bernie Sanders has suddenly vaulted to a clear second place in the race for the Democratic nomination, lets briefly consider political events in the three days that began last Friday and ended on Sunday.

First, on Friday, President Obama was rebuked by Democrats in the House of Representatives over the fast track trade legislation which led—at least for now—to the bill being defeated in the House.



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  1. Anonymous

    Bernie in 2016!!! Why the hell do we keep letting the rich take everything? Were the majority!! 10% millionaire tax wouldn’t change the way they do business a bit, yet it could do wonders for America.

  2. Anonymous

    Seriously? Obama is Socialist enough, we don’t need to elect an actual Socialist. He sounds like Santa Claus…Except nothing is for free.

    1. Ben Scofield

      Ever thought of social justice, instead of fanning the flames or greed? It’s been proven- trickle down economics is a fallacy. You can’t spend money you don’t have, you cant keep burning the candle at both ends. Raegan pushed the deficit yet further than it was in the 80’s. Those who don’t learn their history will be doomed to repeat it, and the last thing we need is another Guilded Age under a Republican, or, hell, even Hillary.

  3. Ben Scofield

    The LAST thing we need is another crook like Hillary in the White House. She’s a democrat in name only, and is blissfully unaware that her cabinet can contain people who dont regularly enter the revolving door at Goldman Sachs.
    as if that’s not bad enough, i have one word for you- BENGHAZI

    What the US needs is someone who will bring justice to the working class americans, and prove that the American Dream can be separate from CORPORATE GREED. Elect someone who genuinely cares, not some power-hungry war monger (and that doesn’t’ even begin to include the Republicans).

  4. Bill

    The Monmouth poll was over 70% landlines and the vast majority of the voters were 50+. The other poll trying to back up this skewed poll from Monmouth was a Loras poll who’s methodology was created by Dave Heller. Dave Heller is the vice chair of Third Way, which is the pro Wall Street run Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. Dave Heller is a Goldman Sachs guy…just like Chelsea’s husband who is still a Goldman Sachs hedge fund manager heavily invested in Greece. Wake up people and realize Bernie is the only guy not owned by a corporation, billionaire or Wall Street and that the Democratic Party had it’s own tea party called the DLC when Clinton took over. That name became toxic so they changed it to Third Way and last October you can find a Boston globe article about how Third Way said they’d take down any progressives like Wareen and De Blasio that came out this election cycle to reign in Wall Street.

    It’s time to admit both parties are being controlled by the 1% and that Bernie is the answer like FDR was the last time we neared an oligarchy.

  5. Dianne Weeks


  6. Jerry Vitale


  7. Anonymous

    He WILL WIN…….EVERYONE meaning the press and the Hillary camp are GROSSLY UNDERESTIMATING the ULTIMATE SUPPORT BERNIE HAS!!!!!!

  8. Matt C

    I am also a strong Bernie Sanders supporter due to his consistency and integrity. During last nights debate Hillary became flustered and ultimately dogged the fact that she is, as much as the Republicans, in bed with the people that ruined our economy and broke the middle class. She bizarrely played the 9/11 card, which was reminiscent of GW Bush, the worst president our country has ever endured. Hillary likes to talk about her detailed plan to rein in Wall St. The problem is, based on her past record and the boatloads of money she gets from them, there is no indication she would follow through on said plan. Based on Bernie’s record and the way his campaign is being run, there is every indication he would remain consistently progressive if elected. If you support Bernie, please do more than just plan to vote. His campaign can in fact win, but only if people kick in money and especially kick in some time as volunteers.

  9. Jg333333@yahoo.com

    Bernie all the way… I don’t want to vote for a corporate whore from either side. As a nation we need to do what is right and leave the greedy and bigoted behind.

  10. Kim G.

    BERNIE ALL THE WAY. It’s time to turn this ship around. It started with Reagan and will end with Sanders.

  11. Mary

    Bernie all the way through. Hillary admitted she made a ‘mistake’ in her Iraq vote, but that was one hell of a mistake that we continue to pay for. Hillary represents what we are trying to end.

  12. Obieweasel

    Hillary is a republican disguised as a democrat. I pledge to write him on a third party vote if Hillary wins the DNC. FEEL THE BERN

  13. Kathryn

    Hillary Clinton is corrupt! Over 30 percent of legal voters are lazy, stupid and complacent. Add illegal immigrants who vote…the fix is in. The scandals will be never-ending. Bernie’s campaign should look closely at The Clinton Foundation. Republicans made the mistake of focusing strictly on email scandal…their mistake. No more money for Bernie…he is not strong enough to send Grandma Clinton back to New York.

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