Cain Surges to #1 in Recent National Poll


Former CEO Herman Cain has sky rocketed in most polls over the last couple weeks and in a recent CBS poll he has taken the lead with 17% of the vote. Former front runners Mitt Romney and Rick Perry have fallen to 17% and 12% respectively.

Michelle Bachmann has fallen into the irrelevant tier along with Rick Santorum and Jon Hunstman.

Undecided actually leads the pack with 18%, showing Republicans continued unhappiness with the current crop of candidates.


  1. Laura

    Go undecided!!
    Forget Romney, he is a big time Rhino! I hate to admit it but Newt Gingrich sounds pretty good lately. Do we have a younger, newer Newt Gingrich?

  2. Jason T.

    Rick Perry has been slammed since 1 comment about the border. He is governor of Texas. I am sure it is different. He is an excellent candidate, lets not throw him under the train. That is exactly what the Democrats want.
    Cain needs some experience, maybe VP? Romney, oh where do I begin? Health Care? Abortion? Flip Flopper? A Mormon? Not that religion decides it for me, but Muslims and Mormons a bit extreme and neither are true Christian religions.

  3. Phil H

    When Cain was questioned about his lack of Political Experience he replied, “Washington is over run with Experienced Politicians, how is that working out for you?”

    As far a Rommey goes he is a Social Liberal and has pushed the GLBT propaganda agenda in public schools.
    Eliminated STD testing before issuance of marriage licenses (new law signed by governor).
    Issued special, discretionary one-day governor’s marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

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