Carly Fiorina 2016: Debate surge, is it the real deal? – POLITICO

Carly Fiorina’s victory at Thursday’s so-called junior varsity presidential debate quickly gave way to her next — and most daunting — challenge: transforming soundbites into campaign-trail traction.Fiorina, who spent her day on a media blitz and in private meetings with potential supporters, offered a sober assessment of her task when asked by a POLITICO reporter about her strategy to capitalize on post-debate momentum.“What we’ve been doing is building up momentum with donors, with supporters, with money. We’re going to keep doing that. It’s just that it gets a little easier when more people know who you are,” she said at RedState, a conservative gathering in Georgia.“Before last night’s debate only 40 percent of Republican voters had ever heard my name. I had the lowest name ID of anyone running. I still do,” she continued. “Maybe that’s changed today … I started this campaign on May 4 almost from a standing start, when most people didn’t know who I was, and let’s face it, a lot of people probably underestimated me. And so now at least I think people are paying attention, and I hope what people are starting to say is, ‘You know what? She actually could win this job, and I think she could do this job.’”

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