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Romney Tops in Recent Presidential Election Poll

2016 Iowa caucus polls

A recent poll of GOP potential contenders by Townhall/Gravis was conducted Jan. 5-7 from 404 registered Republican voters. A more interesting point may be the success of the moderates vs. the Tea Party.  With Romney, Bush, Huckabee, Christie, and Rubio’s numbers the moderates top the 50% mark at 53% compared to Tea Party favorites Walker, …

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2016 Iowa Caucus Republican Poll


Iowa’s Republican primary voters think Chris Christie and Jeb Bush would have the best chance of being elected president in 2016 election. On the other hand, both Chris Christie and Jeb Bush led in unfavorable ratings, while Paul Ryan has the highest favorable ratings. Of course Ryan is a mid west Wisconsin boy, so that …

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Who is Visiting Iowa?

2016 iowa caucus

Here we sit in late 2013 and the visits for the January 2016 Iowa Caucus are already coming. There have been no formal announcements for the caucus, but potential candidates will visit and test the waters. 2012 Iowa Caucus winner, Rick Santorum, is already set up for a run with a three-day visit at a …

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