Christie’s Possibly Candidacy Shows GOP Disappointments with Romney

Chris Christie has said over and over that he would not run for president in 2012, yet it has not stopped the calls from around the country for him to run. It is a bit surprising to see a pro civil union, pro climate change, blue state governor practically being begged to run by top GOP contributors and supporters, but it shows the unhappiness with the current field.

If you have been watching closely, Christie isn’t the first attempt of the GOP to replace current front runner, Mitt Romney. Clearly the base is not ready to vote for Romney and their are great fears that if Romney does win the Republican nomination, Christian Conservatives, particularly in the South, would never vote for a Mitt Romney ticket because most do not accept the Mormon religion as a Christian religion.

First, it was Donald Trump.  He surged in the polls without ever announcing.  He teased the Republicans while he bet a possible candidacy on Barack Obama’s birth certificate.  When the birth certificate finally came out, Trump’s possible candidacy was dead.

Then came Michelle Bachmann, one of the founders of the Tea Party.  She seemed to be the perfect fit for Tea Party Republicans and immediately surged in the polls.  Then some flubs on U.S. History and an inability to run a campaign staff left Bachmann in the middle of the pack.

Finally, some begging and prodding lead Rick Perry declare and he drove right into the role as the GOP front runner.  He stormed the country for nearly a month until one debate and a trickle of various positions showed Perry to be soft on immigration.  A definite no-no in the modern GOP.

So, by default, Romney is back as the front-runner.  Not quite.  The Republicans simply do not want Romney, so the calls have began for New Jersey governor, Chris Christie.  But if Christie does not run and Romney wins the nomination, what would a Christian Conservatives do?   Certainly not vote for Obama, but it is quite possible many might just stay home and not vote at all in protest.  The greatest fear of the GOP though is a third party candidate who would hand the election to Obama.  Just imagine Ron Paul taking 5% to 15% of the Republican vote.  It is not just a slim possibility.  If Romney is the nominee, expect Christian Conservatives to rebel in some way.  Thus, you have the call for a new candidate.  This time it is Chris Chrisitie.  Time will tell if he will last longer the the previous failed front-runners.



  1. TSchmidt

    I don’t know if Christie is the answer, but I agree Mitt Romney is not the answer. He is a Rhino in sheep clothing. Mormonism is socialism. They pay a 10% mandatory tax.
    Religion is not my first requirement in a president. But being anti-socialist is.

  2. AlexB

    Chris Christie? Come on. Talk about a Rhino. But ya, Mitt has no chance in the general election.
    Sorry, religion does matter to me.

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