Clinton and Sanders Neck ‘n Neck in Recent Poll

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton Iowa.

Hillary Clinton — 50%
Bernie Sanders — 45%
Martin O’Malley — 4%

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  1. Steven

    I wish I could believe in Hillary, but honestly she has not shown herself to be a trustworthy canidate. Bernie Sanders is a trustworthy, consistent presidential candidate. Side by side it’s clear.

  2. Marijo

    I actually was “turned on” to Bernie by my cousin who sent me posts on economics from Robert Reich — and I had thought my cousin was a Republican!
    I worked for Obama in 2008 and 2012. I have forgiven, but not forgotten what Hillary’s callers told voters before the primaries: they would be wasting their votes if they voted for Obama instead of Hillary,
    I’ll have to send info on Bernie to a special list of FB friends:many are conservative Republicans!

  3. Ryan Sanders

    What? Bernie Sanders? I cannot believe this BS! Someone who has changed his position on gun control at least 9 times? He interrupted
    Hillary Clinton multiple times in their debate, making him, and also making him a vice. He says he’d raise taxes for the middle class for health care. He believes destroying Obamacare, destroying democrats’ rhetoric. He wants to privatize Medicare while raising taxes on the middle class.

    Check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ti2Nokoq1J4. He believes people on Heroin and other pharmaceutical drugs is a criminal act; Clinton says it’s an issue which needs medical attention. I agree with the latter. He voted against the Brady Bill, mandating background checks to make sure criminals don’t get access to guns.

  4. Anonymous

    Iowa should go to a popular vote. Caucus in my opinion doesnt give a clear opinion of the state.

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