Clinton up in Two Most Recent Iowa Polls


Source: Des Moines Register/Bloomberg – 500 likely Democratic caucusgoers.

Hillary Clinton — 42%
Bernie Sanders — 40%
Martin O’Malley —-4%



Hillary Clinton — 57%
Bernie Sanders — 36%
Martin O’Malley —-7%



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  1. Richard

    Once you listen to Hillary, you realize she is by far the best candidate. I like Bernie, but Hillary has what it takes to crush that bonehead Trump.

    1. Bob B

      I wish you and others would follow the polls, Richard. They actually show that Bernie does better against all of the Republicans than Hillary–especially against Donald Trump. Bernie appeals to Independents far more than Hillary

      1. Bernice I Barnett

        Sorry, she is more of the same corupt politcal group. And the Dems are a minority. We need someone in the general who will get a large Dem turnout, some Independants to vote for them and some cross over Rs. Bernie can do this. Hillary is too hated by Rs. In a mock election, Independants went with Bernie not her. And many Dems, like me have no excitement for her. We will get an undervote. And she is just more of the same. Vote Bernie!

    2. Anonymous

      Richard you do understand Hillary is a chameleon right? Her stance changes more than the weather. Hillary career dating back to the Nixon era is saturated with lies and deception. Please do a little more research on Hillary throughout her entire career and you will discover what I am speaking about. Bernie on the other hand has been steadfast throughout his career from the time of marching and supporting Martin Luther King Jr. and civil rights all the way to our current era of wealth inequality. Don’t fall into the trap of listening to what the mega media wants you to hear. Hillary is a two face career politician with her hands in the corporate cookie jar.

      1. Richard

        Hillary has been serving this country for 40 years. we all know who she is and what she fights for. Every politician works with corporations. It is part of America and business.
        You are just believing a lot of fairy tale BS from a Socialist. Grow up. We have a country to run.

        1. The American People

          You see Bernie is the only politician in the race who does not get benefits from corporations. Once you realize that the people of America have very little power when compared to a few wealthy donors, you will understand Bernie’s philosophy. The only reason HRC has so much support is because she has the financial support of several large corporations and she is part of the Clinton dynasty.

        2. Cheryl

          Richard, how do you figure she’s served our country for 40 years? Eight years in the white house as first lady, eight years in the senate and two as Sec. of State. I think you are thinking of Bernie when you say 40 years. Hillary changes her position with the weather for crap sake. So every knows her name. We all know Trump’s name. And every politician does NOT pander to corporations, at least not to the extent Clinton does. It has nothing to do with Bernie being a Democratic Socialist. It’s who will work the hardest for the middles class and poor.

    3. Anonymous

      R U kidding? Hillary is bought and paid for by the Superpacs. The corruption in DC will only continue with her at the helm. Bernie is our only chance for the middle class to ever return in this country. He will win because he is actually concerned about people, rather than how much money he can make.

  2. Susan

    Hillary is right on the issues that matter for America. Remember Bill Clinton, ya, pretty good!!

    1. Julie

      Yeah, let us remember Bill Clinton for NAFTA; his wife was SLOW to denounce TPP and ONLY to mimic Bernie Sanders stance, which has been against TPP from the beginning! FAIL

      Remember Bill Clinton DE-REGULATING our banking system???

      Short memory for most people who support the CLINTON DYNASTY. Bill and HRC are the best Republicans that money can buy!!

      1. Jack

        Wow. This country was at it’s best with Clinton. Deregulation was passed by Congress overwhelming, veto-proof.
        NAFTA has been 50-50, but its negative results are inevitable. Mexico has cheaper labor.
        Bernie will not pass one thing he wants to do. You may want to remember who controls congress.
        Hillary 2016!

        1. Rick

          Yes, while Bill Clinton was in office, this country WAS at it’s best. It wasn’t until after he left office that the full effect of what he’d done was felt. NAFTA? 50/50 isn’t good enough. Break even doesn’t do it. A major problem is cheap labor elsewhere and corporations sending jobs to other countries. The middle class is going fast. As for who controls Congress, right now it’s the Republicans who hate Bill Clinton and may hate Hillary Clinton even more. And you think SHE’LL get anything accomplished. Bernie Sanders’ people are working on electing officials from the Senate on down. Hillary is interested only in getting herself elected. One last thing…if you think Hillary has the advantage, look at the comments left here. How many are pro Hillary?

    2. Elias

      Bill clinton putted a lot of black ppl in jail, fuck them.

  3. lee

    hillary is just more of the same corporacracy, she’s in the “club”. bernie is for the people

  4. TERRY


    1. Vctoria

      Bernie is out to win by telling fairy tales!

      1. Rick

        And you’re reasoning is? Let us have the facts you base this on. I’m open for an honest debate.

  5. Mary Marx

    Bernie Sanders is the only truly progressive candidate, the only one who promises to end Citizens United and get money out of politics, break up the banks, rebuild the middle class by raising the minimum wage to $15 and rebuilding the country’s infrastructure, provide universal health care (finally), and make college tuition free again. Hillary, not so much. She’ll tell Wall Street to “cut it out” and they’ll do whatever they do like the last time she said that.

    1. Anonymous

      At least someone understands!

  6. M J Taylor

    I’ve listened to Hillary. She doesn’t want to give us single payer Medicare for All, instead she wants to protect her big pharma and insurance company donors and fix the “glitches” in Obamacare. Problem is the glitch are the insurance companies in Big Pharma. She is also too cozy with Wall Street and has made it clear but she won’t reinstate Glass Steagall, a measure that would have, had it been left in place, could have prevented banks from becoming too big to fail. She is also unwilling to find the money to provide college education for all who qualify to attend a State University. Education is the only path out of poverty, and it’s something we have to offer all of American citizens.

    1. Jorge Ferrer

      Do you really think Sanders can achieve all these things with a Republican Congress? What we need is a realist, a pragmatist that can reach to the other side and compromise. If we continue to elect people who are way to the left and Republicans continue to elect wackos from the tea party, the country will suffer.

      1. Rick

        Have you forgotten that the Republicans impeached Bill Clinton? Have you lived in a closet while the Republicans tried everything at their disposal to discredit Hillary? To try, in fact, to get criminal charges brought against her? I don’t see any logic behind your comment. .The Republicans hate her. They will NOT work with her any more than they did with Mr. Obama.

  7. Sohana

    Gravis and PPP polls are usually outliers, their numbers are often vastly different from all the other polls. POP has been commissioned by Hillary’s super pacs, and unsurprisingly they’ve shown amazing numbers for Clinton, even when the rest of the polls say otherwise. This Gravis poll called landlines only… only a small percentage of people under 45 still have a land line, so this poll left out a major demographic group. It’s also interesting they don’t disclose the age and gender of the respondents, the way most polls do.

  8. Ernie

    Bill and Hillary saved the ailing Democratic Party after the Reagan years. Their strategy: Republican-lite. Hillary’s time has passed: too much erosion to the middle class; too much concentration of wealth at the top. I don’t dislike Hillary, but we need Bernie and his policies.

    1. Christie

      The tech boom is why the economy was so good under Bill.

  9. Jared

    Bernie for President. Someone who will actually push the system back on the right track before we crash.

    1. Mellie

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  10. larry

    I agree with Richard. The Clintons have done nothing but good for this country. Do not be afraid because she is a woman.

  11. Susan

    Bernie is a good guy, but can NEVER BE PRESIDENT. Give me a break.

    1. Rick

      Please explain WHY you think he can’t be president. I’m not giving you a break until you give me facts.

  12. Legrand polatouche

    If Trump people are not registered Repub they cannot vote in the causcuses and I think most of them are not.

  13. Chris

    Feel the Bern! He has walked the walk. Hillary has walked for the corporations and wall street.

  14. Brian

    Bernie is much better positioned to win in a landslide and take Independents like myself in droves. People wait a lifetime for a candidate like Bernie Sanders.
    91% view him favorably. He polls better against the Republican political hacks than the political hack Hillary Clinton does. And yes, Hillary’s large donations from Wall Street DO matter to those of us paying attention. I hope you catch on, too.

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