CNBC GOP Debate – 10/28/15

CNBC Debate
CNBC GOP Debate –¬†Colorado – 10/28/15


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  1. Anonymous

    after ben carson was show to have no knowledge who any of our allies are,his numbers are sure to nose dive.

  2. Tom C

    Iowa Republicans need to write in Mitt Romney.

  3. Tom C (liameknuj@bellsouth.net)

    Iowa Republicans need to write in Mitt Romney!!!!!!!! He is our best chance at the Presidency (and the most qualified!)

  4. Voter 555

    I believe the best candidate in this presidential race is Mike Huckabee. He is well experienced after being the governor of Arkansas for I think 10 years. He is a christian that I believe will stand for what is right. I hope and pray the undecided Iowa voters might want to consider him as their choice and he wins that state and goes on to win the presidency.

  5. Voter 555

    I do not trust Donald Trump. I don’t understand why so many people are so excited about him. I believe if he wins and goes against Hillary she will whip him easily. The best person to win, and go against Hillary is Mike Huckabee. I believe he can beat her because he has defeated the Clinton machine before back in Arkansas. But first he has to win Iowa, If enough people will support him he can win. Sad to say there are many naysayers that speak down about him and I feel like a lot of them do because he is a christian and they don’t want it. I hope there are enough people out there that do want a Godly man in the white house. We can’t afford another Democrat in the White house. That’s for sure.

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