Cruz Defeats Trump

Ted Cruz (8 delegates) edges Donald Trump (7 delegates) and Marco Rubio (7 delegates) to win the Iowa Caucus.  Ben Carson, Rand Paul, and Jeb Bush each grab one delegate.




Ted Cruz flipped  the polls about 4% with Trump in the last days to win the 2016 Iowa Caucus.  Cruz either got last minute momentum from the Trumplesss debate, or the lack of a good Trump ground game caused his fall.   It also shows how Trump let Rubio in the game by skipping the debate and Rubio pounced.



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  1. Rob

    Cruz defeats Trump ? -Are you serious ? – Nobody is going to buy that crap . Its clear the establishment wants Cruz vrs Hillary in the 2016 election because Hillary is no match for Trumps personality and charisma, but they know Hillary will defeat Cruz easily and chew him up and spit him out . Trump was 41% in the polls and Cruz was 19% and now you expect people to buy these results ? ….I say the vote count was rigged to favor the establishments candidate-Cruz . -Because I simply dont buy how Trump could have ever possibly lose to Cruz.

    1. Kleetus

      It aint over until its over. I have faith that Trump will persevere.

    2. Get Real

      Seriously? Cruz is the anti-establishment candidate. He’s proven it by going to Washington and pissing everyone off. Trump is all about the deal. He can say whatever he needs to say to get elected, but he’s said he can work with the Democrats. He’s no conservative at all.

    3. Tim

      It has nothing to do with establishment and everything to do with the Trump campaign decisions. Look at the numbers. Having points shaved off your camp to go else where, though small, cost big. The Idea of skipping the Iowa debate was a short sited, shot from the hip stunt that cost points which cost the ultimate prize. The message was great, the fund raiser was great, but Trump is here to win, not put on a great show for the American people. They are here to take the county back. The campaign did not do their homework, they didn’t use history as a tool for the present, they did not have everything in place ahead of time and they have been in a reactionary mode since last week. They need to anticipate and have the information to execute. They fumbled the ball on their final drive. Learn the lesson and move on with laser guided focus.

      1. Anonymous

        Great Post.

    4. Anonymous

      Trump has charisma?! He’s a narcissistic pig! There is absolutely no charisma there. And anyone who thinks that’s what he has is as delusional an idiot as those who vote for Clinton or Sanders.

      1. Anonymous

        Now, thats no way to talk about yourself. Try to have a little self respect you democrat scum.

        1. Thomas

          Trump…Let me guess…uneducated and a racist….

          1. anonymous

            so true

        2. Sanne

          I was looking evewerhyre and this popped up like nothing!

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          1. River

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    5. Anonymous

      He talk a lot against us that’s why

    6. Anonymous

      That may have something to do with the ‘money’ who is supporting Rubio & maybe who counted the votes…afraid he has been holding out.

    7. Anonymous

      Poll numbers mean nothing! The vote is what the majority want!

      1. Carl

        Poll numbers are almost always right!! It
        is math, so that probably hurts your head.

  2. Ronald Grossman

    ‘Winning’ one vote more than your opponent does not mean you defeated them. Bush and Paul will suspend their campaigns after the next caucus. The polling numbers show the truth and Mr. Trump will fix what ever is broken to make sure his people get the vote out. I have never seen more bias is reporting than this in my life. Yes he ‘edged’ out Trump and got one more delegate BUT he did not defeat him. This is what is wrong with the press.

    1. Anonymous

      I can’t stand Cruz and I’m sure he was in on telling all the Iowa voters that Carson had dropped out.

      Cruz openly cheated and all of his delegates should be given to Carson, placing Cruz in last place.

      Its not fair that he was allowed to use this trick to deceive the Iowa voters and get away with it.

  3. Tim

    Cruz and Rubio both are outstanding candidates too. They leveraged an opportunity in Iowa and they won big. This IS politics regardless of who is running. We need CEO’s in the People’s House. We need to run the country like a business. Cruz sees that too I believe. He and Trump need to lay off one another and stop doing the Democrats job of chopping away at one another’s ankles. Trump is not a politician. He is a private (though heavily publicized) citizen running for public office. Spend some time in DC and you will understand truly what people mean about the greed and significance these vipers and bandits seeth over in Washington DC. Trump is not playing a game of Kings, he is seeking office to build the business model that should have been built years ago. We all know, government should be small and lean down the line to the local levels. Federal Government should not be legislating moral issues and protecting criminals, we the people have local government that has a purpose established in the Constitution. Federal Government is there to protect with defense and to let business be conducted internationally by private organizations without punishing this country, but protecting this country. I know I started to conversation, but unlike many in DC, I’ve got to go to work.

  4. Anonymous

    Amazing how the news is reported. The top three republicans get 45,000 votes each and Bernie and Hillary get less than 700 a piece! Yet on TV Hillary and Bernie are speaking to a post voting audience that sound and look like thousands and thousands are cheering them on? Whenever any voter fraud has happened in the past -it is telling that it is always from the democrats. Socialism equals Communism! What’s happening America?

    1. Carl

      Sorry, but your the twit. The Dems do it different, those are precinct votes.
      So take your dumbass out of my country! P.S. Go read a book and learn the difference between Socialism and Communism. We are a Socialist country.

      1. Birdie

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  5. Lane

    Trump is a joke everyone but his supporters know this. The only people in their right mind that will vote for the idot are white bigots like himself. He’s anti every major culture in America except white racist. I sincerely hope that the majority of Americans do not fall into that group.

    1. James

      WEll, you don’t sound stupid. Please forgive my comment below.

    2. Anonymous

      Finally. I was actually worried about the amount of pro-trump comments.

  6. Se

    People are looking to elect the first woman for President. Does anyone remember what Clinton did during her term as Sec. of State? If you are a class of people she is targeting and mention your heritage, she doesn’t know you or care for you. She will be useless as President. For those of you who are gay, forget it. She doesn’t care for you either. She has lied, covered up activity that released secret information and got people killed. Americans killed even after they begged for help, they were killed. She wasn’t available. Being a former Marine this is totally wrong! Wake up America. Vote for someone who believes in America and will protect our generations to come. That is not Hillary Clinton.

    1. Ed

      Yes we remember. She was one of the best SOS. It’s u pathetic losers who don’t get that nobody cares about Benghazi. Shit happens. WE all know it’s a political witch hunt and you make more like Hillary.
      Sorry losers, Hillary is the next president. Brains over brawn.

  7. James

    The people on this chain sound pretty stupid.

    1. Anonymous

      I know right?????

  8. Renee

    I am a independent. I am a female. And a mom. 4 years ago I would have voted for ms Clinton because I wanted a different candidate. This time. I wouldn’t spit on ms Clinton if she walked past me. As a American I don’t think we should leave American en women or dogs to be killed by others especially when they beg for help. But them to say it doesn’t matter…it matters to me and these are not my relatives. It does matter. And Sanders doesn’t even begin to understand. Republican wise I am tired of anyone that has already been in politics in washington. You haven’t done anything to impress me. Trump is crazy but maybe we need crazy. I realize he is kind of a bully. But maybe we need to get someone to cut thru the bs that seems to be washington…

    1. Tammy

      Renee you have drinking the Kool-Aid. Actually listen to Hillary and read here actual record. She is going to be a great president whether you vote for her or not.

    2. Kapri

      Your article was exlnelect and erudite.

  9. Honeybear

    Trump is a bigot who doesn’t like other races, a womanizer who doesn’t respect women, (those of you who love your wives and daughters–do you really want to elect a man who thinks that the only important thing about a woman is that she is pretty?), a person who has declared bankruptcy many times and said that banks can afford it but we all really know that it is the little guy who pays for the big banks’ mistakes therefore it is the ordinary citizen paying for Mr. Trumps bankruptcy, a man who tries to bully other people and countries. If Trump gets elected other countries will laugh at the U.S. more than they do right now with Mr. Obama as president. You say you will vote for Trump because he “tells it like it is?” well do does my father but that doesn’t qualify him to run for president! You think Trump will straighten out Washington, but he can’t control the representatives like he can fire and hire his staff! Wake up, people! Mr. Trump is a celebrity and that is all he is!

    1. Anonymous

      We may not have to worry who will be the President after 2020 if Trump doesn’t become the next President since America continues to spiral downhill in world strength.

  10. Dinh Truong

    People have different opinions! That is democracy! But to vote for a president
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    6. Not being afraid of losing the support of the selfish interest of the minority.
    7. Independent of any interest group in the society.
    8. Honesty
    9. Discipline
    Any person shows himself or herself all the above characters will be the best to be
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    So Select your candidate correctly!
    Thank you.

  11. A.R

    The only person I want for president is the person that will make our nation safe, happy and a good place to live. I’m not much into politics but just pick somebody that has actually been in a political position before. I don’t get why everybody is being very rude to other people just cause they prefer someone else than another person. I hope there are some rational people in this world and don’t accuse a person of fraud just because they were a sore second place loser. Thank you.

  12. Jerry Oakley

    I would like to know did Cruz wins the Iowa Caucus because of the miss quoted statement that Carson dropped out and gave his to Cruz. Well Carson didn’t drop out so how did Cruz end up with Carson’s votes. I heard that is how Cruz won. If Carson is still in it and didn’t drop out then how can Cruz claim his votes and beat Trump. I wish someone would please explain this. Because if this is truly the fact than this election process is already a fraud before it even gets going. And there is a plot in the making of a very underhanded running of this voting system. The popular vote should win the presidency also not by some person who is suppose to speak for everyone else as they do by the electorate vote of one person speaking for many that is the most un-American thing I ever heard of. I speak for myself no one else speaks for me. So the electorate vote is the biggest voting scam ever invented and needs done away with.

  13. Dalton

    That’s a genuinely imiprsseve answer.

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