Donald Trump evades specifics on his draft deferment – Politico –

Who’d have guessed it, but the Vietnam War draft could become a political issue again given the pattern of evasive answers by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The New York billionaire, who was a genuine student-athlete in his youth, came away with a medical deferment in 1968 owing to bone spurs in both heels, according to his latest explanation. But in seeking to downplay that exemption as “minor” and “short-term,” Trump’s campaign raises more questions than it answers as to how he sidestepped military service during the war.

 This is not a new controversy for the wealthy New Yorker. But this weekend, Trump made himself more of a target with his attacks on Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a Navy veteran who spent years as a POW in Hanoi. And much as Trump insists that the decisive factor was his high number in the December 1969 draft lottery, the real question is how he stayed out of the draft for the nearly 18 months before.

Like politics itself, timing was everything in that crucial period of 1968 and 1969, when the Army was running out of volunteer replacements and more and more draftees were needed to man infantry units in Vietnam. Draftees represented an ever larger percentage of those Americans killed in action in 1968 and 1969, and college graduates born, like Trump, in 1946 or 1947 became a target for draft boards across the country.

Having enjoyed four years of student deferments, the name of the game for many was to find a new way to stay out of the war. National Guard slots were coveted as a safer alternative to Vietnam. Others got married, had children or found jobs, such as teaching, that might keep the draft board at bay.

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  1. Jerry

    Donald trump is a horrible human being. Why on Earth are some of my fellow Republicans even considering these person? He has no chance to win the election and is just embarrassing the party on a daily basis.

    1. Raymond

      They said the same about Ronald Reagan. he can’t win. Too extreme. Former Democrat, not a real Republican. So Republicans nominated Gerald Ford, who lost to loser Jimmy Carter. Establishment Republicans, Wall Street shills, did all they could to defeat Reagan, and now line up to defeat Trump.

  2. Susan

    Jerry, you just can’t handle a man who tells it like it is. Trump is up in all the polls. He will crush that Socialist crook, Hillary Clinton. Line up or get out of the party.
    Trump 2016!!!

  3. TomD

    Donald Trump is just another chicken hawk, draft-dodging loser who insults all military members.
    You are disgusting!

    1. Raymond

      Trump, at least, went to military school, at least supports veterans & our military. Not much in these days. But far more than any other current candidate.

  4. rudy

    TomD look at you. Are you insulting as well, or describing? (If the former, own up, if the latter, we have little need for professionally sanitized speech.)

  5. TomD

    Ok, Rudy. Thanks, but your comment is meaningless, didn’t know my mom was here. Trump is a POS. Is that better?

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