Final 2012 Iowa Caucus/Fox News Debate

Final 2012 Iowa Caucus/Fox News Debate


  1. Whatever

    I cannot imagine a non-selfish reason for the reason why anyone would even consider any candidate other than Ron Paul. Ron Paul is all about freedom versus the others who are all about control. This election is a no brainer. Ron Paul all the way!

  2. Thomas LJ

    It is because you are a sheep and you think because grandpa screams, No government! No government! That he would be good to run the government. Realize there is no chance for this joke of a candidate to win.

  3. Andy

    I think Rick Perry needs a second look. He is a successful governor and a good man. Ya, he isn’t much for the debating, but he is getting better and that is what you like to see.
    Forget Rhino Mitt, Ron Paul is too simple to be the free leader of the world, Newt isn’t bad, but has some baggage. End result: Rick Perry 2012!

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