Herman Cain New Front Runner in Poll

In a new Nherman-cain-iowaBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey shows Herman Cain has surpassed Mitt Romney in a national poll.  Rick Perry, who was sinking, has settled in at 16% followed by Ron Paul at 11%.   One time top-tier candidate, Michele Bachmann, has fallen to an inconsequential 5%.

The poll shows that the majority of Republicans are still seeking a candidate other than Mitt Romney for the nomination and that they are willing to  give Herman Cain a chance.



Poll Results

Herman Cain ——– 27%

Mitt Romney –——- 23%

Rick Perry ———— 16%

Ron Paul ————- 11%

Newt Gingrich ——- 8%

Michele Bachmann – 5%

Jon Huntsman ——- 3%


*Interviews: 1000 adults, including 200 cell phone only respondents Date: October 6-10, 2011
GOP Primary Voters: An oversample of 81 interviews was conducted to achieve
a total of 336 GOP Primary Voters.

Source: MSNBC/Wallstreet Journal


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  1. RichTyler88

    Herman Cain is exactly what we need. Someone from the outside. A self-made man. I like the 999. Real Change!
    Cain and Paul 2012!

    1. paul

      paul and cain in the same sentence….lol…wow…too funny…what a diss to Ron Paul….there is no comparison between the 2…herman cain is completely inferior and NOTHING like Ron Paul….herman cain is apart of the status quo and ron is not….herman cain wants to raise taxes…ron wants to end taxes among many other differences…..im glad your somewhat supportive of ron paul but cain and paul do not belong in the same sentence

  2. Larry

    Come on, Herman Cain? He is not serious contender. 999 is not going to fly either.
    Mitt Romney shouldn’t even be a Republican. Not in 2012.
    Rick Santourm is one of the better candidates up there, but he gets no press. I would vote for him as prez, or he’d make a good VP.
    If nobody else steps in, I guess Ron Paul is my second choice.

  3. Edward

    Herman Cain will struggle in the Southern primaries, sorry, just fact. Romney will get killed in the Southern primaries.
    Rick Perry will do great, so if we can support him in Iowa, he can win this and defeat Obama.
    Perry 2012!

  4. Stasia Goldis

    Herman Cain is not taking this campaign seriously. from his comments on recent interviews about profile stance where he flip flopped when being asked about what he believed with regards to abortion for a woman who was raped to his most recent commercial which garnered attention but showed him to be nothing more than a joke. If hes the number one candidate for the Republican party we are out of luck. I think Mitt Romney is the most presentable of the bunch although he came across as a little too aggressive on the most recent debate.

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