Herman Cain Officially Announces Candidacy

ATLANTA – For Godfather’s Pizza CEO and current radio talk show host, Herman Cain, has announced his candidacy for the president of the Untied States.

“In case you accidentally listen to a skeptic or doubting Thomas out there, just to be clear … I’m running for president of the United States, and I’m not running for second,” he told a crowd at Centennial Olympic Park on Saturday. Chants of “Herman” erupted from the crowd of thousands in downtown Atlanta.

Cain has been a conservative favorite supporting a strong national defense, opposes abortion, backs replacing the federal income tax with a national sales tax and favors a return to the gold standard. He said President Barack Obama “threw Israel under the bus” because he sought to base Mideast border talks partly on the pre-1967 war lines, and criticized the Justice Department for challenging Arizona’s tough crackdown on illegal immigration.

Now the true test begins for Cain, can he raise the money needed to compete in Iowa? Time will tell.


  1. Paul Totten

    Mr. Cain is an impressive candidate, a fighter for traditional values and conservative governance. I believe, as president, he would be an effective leader, setting a clear agenda and delivering well-articulated message to properly school the American people on a critical return to following those principles that made our country great, prosperous, and the capital of economic freedom in the world. One of three possible candidates who have this potential and whom I support.

    1. Grace

      Please note that they fail to tell you that Cain was also chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve. He also supported the TARP bailouts. If you’re into lots of spending with money we don’t have and inflation thanks to the Fed printing up all that money, Herman Cain is your man.

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