How Iowa Caucus Works

The Iowa presidential caucuses are local party precinct meetings where registered Republicans and Democrats gather, discuss the candidates and vote for by party preference to elect delegates to the 99 county conventions and choose their candidate for their party’s nomination.

The purpose of the caucus vote is to select delegates to attend a county convention. Each caucus sends a certain number of delegates, based on the population it represents. The delegates at the county convention in turn select delegates to go to the congressional district state convention, and those delegates choose the delegates that go to the national convention.

Iowa County Map


Presidential preference on the Republican side is done with a straw vote of those attending the caucus. This vote is sometimes done by a show of hands or by dividing themselves into groups according to candidate. In precincts that elect only 1 delegate they choose the delegate by majority vote and it must be a paper ballot.

The Democrats have a more complex system. In a typical caucus, registered democrats gather at the precinct meeting places (there are close to 2,000 precincts statewide), supporters for each candidate have a chance to make their case, and then the participants gather into groups supporting particular candidates (undecided voters also cluster into a group). In order for a particular group to be viable, they must have a certain percentage of the all the caucus participants. If they don’t have enough people, the group disbands, and its members go to another group. The percentage cut-off is determined by the number of delegates assigned to the precinct.

Democratic candidates must receive at least 15 percent of the votes in that precinct to move on to the county convention. If a candidate receives less than 15 percent of the votes, supporters of non-viable candidates have the option to join a viable candidate group, join another non-viable candidate group to become viable, join other groups to form an uncommitted group or chose to go nowhere and not be counted. Non-viable groups have up to 30 minutes to realign, if they fail to do so in that time, they can ask the for more time, which is voted on by the caucus as a whole. If the caucus refuses, re-alignment is done and delegates are awarded. A “third party” may hold a convention to nominate one candidate for president and one for vice president as well. The results of this caucus activity on both the Democratic and Republican sides are not binding on the elected delegates, but the delegates usually feel obligated to follow the wishes expressed by the caucus-goers. Thus the initial caucus results provide a good barometer of the composition of Iowa’s national delegation.

It breaks down like this:

If the precinct has only one delegate, the group with the most people wins the delegate vote, and that’s it.

If the precinct has only two delegates, each group needs 25 percent to be viable.
If the precinct has only three delegates, each group needs one-sixth of the caucus participants.
If the precinct has four or more delegates, each group needs at least 15 percent of the caucus participants.
Once the groups are settled, the next order of business is to figure out how many of that precinct’s delegates each group (and by extension, each candidate) should win.

In order for a particular group to be viable, they must have a certain percentage of the all the caucus participants. If they don’t have enough people, the group disbands, and its members go to another group. The percentage cut-off is determined by the number of delegates assigned to the precinct. It breaks down like this:

If the precinct has only one delegate, the group with the most people wins the delegate vote, and that’s it.

If the precinct has only two delegates, each group needs 25 percent to be viable.
If the precinct has only three delegates, each group needs one-sixth of the caucus participants.
If the precinct has four or more delegates, each group needs at least 15 percent of the caucus participants.
Once the groups are settled, the next order of business is to figure out how many of that precinct’s delegates each group (and by extension, each candidate) should win.

Iowa Caucus Past Results


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  1. Yezdyar

    I am watching a TV news item about the pollution in Iowa caused by the massive hog industry.
    How can this issue be placed on the Iowa caucus agenda and get the candidates to focus on this and make it a national policynagend a. ..clean environment and health?

    1. Heitman

      Eat more pork! It employs many iowans and it is tasty. The Muzzies are going “green” to get to Sharia.
      The Federal Prison system tried to ban pork last month. The story has quietly died before we learn just why the decision was made without any study or polling data.You should CAIR about this anti pork agenda, America.

      1. Julie

        “CAIR”?? EAT MORE HUMANS! All flesh is tasty. STOP EATING MEAT. THAT is the original propaganda; that a human must eat meat to be healthy. It is obvious that our nation MUST educate its people!

        1. me

          god must have not given you canine teeth then like he did everyone else.

      2. David M

        Some county and municipal jails are going to white bread and turkey sandwiches, because it is cheaper. Turkey bologna is much cheaper that pork, chicken, or beef.

        1. Lisa

          Turkey won’t be cheaper for long. There was a huge avian flu outbreak in January. Hundreds of thousands (likely close to a million) turkeys had to be euthanized to keep it from spreading.

    2. Anonymous

      This first item on the agenda is selection of delegates. Many people choose to go home following the selection, however the caucus is also where party planks are offered, voted on and passed onto the convention. Things like prevention and/or regulation of things like hog farm pollution are discussed by interested members and then planks are added, or not, to the platform. These then go on to the conventions. Unfortunately, because most people choose not to stay for this part of the caucus, these platform ideas are selected and voted on by a small group of people. Stick it out.

    3. Anonymous

      i know right

      1. Ebony

        could tell you this since your sitting opposite me, but your busy looking for ideas on you tube, but once upon a time my old copywriter and I did an ad for Wri;ley&#8217gs where a man brought up a rancid dripping dog. It was a trick my dad used to do at Christmas when I was a kid. So hands up, I nicked the idea too.

  2. John Fairplay

    No Sharia Law in Iowa, bub.

  3. Ken Ross

    The way the Iowa GOP caucuses worked in the past has been widely misunderstood. The straw poll taken at caucus sites had nothing to do with the delegate selection process. In 2012, this GOP straw polling in Iowa was a mess with inaccurate numbers and missing precinct count totals. The count totals from 8 precincts are still missing. Santorum was declared winner over Romney by a razor thin margin but Ron Paul got 22 of the 28 Iowa delegates to the national convention. Romney got the other 6. For more on how this works Google ross rambles: an important thing didn’t happen

  4. Michelle McDonald

    I am 100% for the Conservative Christian Constitutionalist Texan ‪#‎TedCruz‬ because he is the real deal. He has a proven record of fighting for the security of our Country and will stand toe to toe against the ISISMatters agenda Obama/Hillary/Al Sharpton have to genocide Christians and the family unit. Donald Trump elected Obama and donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to these enemies of America. He has lied about making America great and will only make Islam great. He hasn’t shown up at the meetings when they were held at Churches. He has mass investments and in the middle east and will stab America in the back to make a profit for himself. Trump will replace Obamacare with Trumpcare. His made in America campaign products were made in China. Trump switched from Liberal to Republican to seal the deal to make sure either he or Hillary wins. I am researching this traitor in depth and saving the verifiable links. If you want them private message, too many to list. Primary candidates will be chosen in January 2016 and we need Ted Cruz to be that man. The ISIS agenda is real and this is not a game. Keep your prayers going up, they are working. Vett…. Vett…. Vett…. ‪#‎dumptrump‬ ‪#‎StopObama

    1. Joe Sullivan


      I have not seen Cruz prove anything yet except that he likes to talk. I am not a Trump fan either.

      1. Anonymous

        I will pray for you. I know that republicans have closed many mental health hospitals, but there are many good psychiatriststuff out there. Good luck Michelle

        1. anonymous

          Uh Anonymous if you’re thinking about Cruz then I suggest you find these mental health facilities and go check yourself in. That man (Cruz) is a serial hypocrite and flip flops more than Romney ever thought about. Not to mention he loves and lives to literally steal other candidates positions then claiming them as his own. If you suffer from any of thesemissues go get help!

    2. TC1994

      What has Cruz done for the American people, any of the American people? I am sorry but I dont trust anyone who just decided to renounce their dual citizenship to run for President. He should have not kept dual citizenship if he really loved America. Last time we had a person who was not born and/or raised in America it did not work out well (Obama).

      Most candidates do not understand the issues happening at the bottom tier.
      In Cruz’s case, his wife as well as Cruz is tied to wall street, just look at his major donors: Wilks Brothers, Robert Mercer and Darwin Deason between those 3 they donated 31 million dollars- People are being suckered once more by the political elite- we just dont learn our lessons. we get caught up in the hype and before we realize it we are bamboozled

      I am all in for Ben Carson because of his accomplishments in life, which says a lot about the strength of a person. If you add up all the accomplishments of the rest of the candidates, they dont come close

      1. Judy

        Couldn’t agree with you more!! Something about him I don’t trust.

      2. DeniseVelez

        Hawaii is part of the USA – President Obama was born there. Please take your birther conspiracy theories elsewhere. Your ignorance is showing. .

        1. David

          Thank you! Good to know there are still sane people out there!

        2. Stop the maddness

          Stop beating a dead horse. Obama is the worst President ever! Unless of course that you are on welfare, unemployed, or a criminal! Then you love him!

          1. Charles

            Really? That shows how uneducated to the facts you are. Obama isn’t even close to the worse such as Bush, Carter, Hoover, and others. He has incredibly strong job growth, lowered yearly budget deficits, and is the first president in a long tim who isn’t an embarrassment.
            Now when you hate first, and look at the facts second, I I understand life is hard. But that is why your life sucks and you’re a loser. Quit blaming politicians because you are a piece of shit. Get up and do something you lazy un-American scumbag.

        3. bill

          Hawaii is a state, but not a part of our CULTURE! To Obama, we are all Howlies. He takes our guns and gives nuclear bombs to to source of all Islamic hatred and bigotry in the world–Iran. He should be impeached and tried for treason. Trump has given Americans the courage to speak out against the Islamisation of our country. People who didn’t grow up here don’t understand and never will.

          1. 2016IowaCaucus

            You are a disgusting ignorant human being.

      3. Renae O

        I KNOW that President Obama was raised in Hawaii! I have seen him on my cousin’s 5th-grade class picture!!

    3. Jay O

      I agree, Cruz would be the best candidate. Ben C. or Carly F. would both be good running mates, but not necessarily the only good options. Trump is nothing but fanfare and cult appeal and I fear that he may be as insincere as Obama is.

    4. LJ

      Michelle, You’re nuts. People like you scare me.

    5. Anonymous

      hes literally none of that lol

    6. Anonymous

      you are obviously trolling for Cruz. no one in their right mind sees him as electable.

    7. Ed Rice

      Feal the Bern people, 2016 Bernie Sanders not the billionaires.

    8. jenny

      Are you for real? Sweetie, you need to get one of them there college educations. Truly you are misinformed about who God is. God’s son Jesus was for helping people. Feeding the hungry, giving solace etc. Not one republican has cared that Muslim children are dying on the sides of the road from starvation. Jesus was from the mid east you know.

    9. johnlips

      ted cruz is funded by wall street and billionaire hedge fund backers, with his council on foreign relations/goldman sachs wife doing the fundraising! he has accepted the largest % of money from wall street donors of any candidate running in this race! ted cruz is bought and paid for by wall street and as establishment as they come and has been his entire career, from the time he worked for the bush campaign. the only reason he even gets tv time, is because the mainstream media is controlled by the council on foreign relations and ted cruz’s wife is a former council on foreign relations member, just like hillary. the POS didn’t even show up to vote for audit the fed today and he steals all of RAND PAUL’S policy ideas to get votes! ted cruz is one of the absolute worst candidates running in this race!

      1. Katie

        Agreed! RAND PAUL is the only candidate that truly believes in what he is saying.

    10. Lorraine Holmes

      Michelle McDonald, First Trump did not vote for Obama. He voted for McCain and then Romney. That information is on the he internet. Glenn Beck put a fake tweet out with Cruz to cause trouble and spread lies. Cruz is a snake and a liar. Do your research. He is bought and paid for politician, all slick talk and no action. His whole agenda is a lie. He and wife Heidi are connected to the New World Order globalists who want One World Government. This means the end of America and her sovereignty and freedom. Do the research.

    11. Anonymous

      Trump – 2016

  5. susan

    Michele. I find this hard to believe about Trump. He admits to giving money to candidates and others in the past. Why has none of this negativity about Trump surfaced? I do like Cruz and would support him too. We sure don’t want Hillary.

    1. Anonymous

      You should find it hard to believe, because Michelle McDonald is lying, She doesn’t have any “verifiable links” because she’s making things up. She says to Private message her, but there is not way to private message anyone

      She’s a liar on the one hand, and asking for prayers on the other.

      I’ve seen this type of repulsive behavior on the part of Cruz supporters time and time again. For that reason alone, Its doubtful I’d ever vote for him. Not that he has a chance anyway, but just saying

    2. Anonymous

      Democrats don’t really want Hillary either. She’s almost as bad as the Republican nominees. She has one fewer side dishes of crazy, but that’s not really a compliment.

  6. Al

    Mr Trump is nothing resembling a Conservative, he is a liberal through and through like is close friends Bill and Hillary. Every conservative-sounding promise he shouts at rallies is “Boob Bait for the Bubbas”. Bill Clinton did the same. That is the term he used to describe the fake conservative stuff he said to get elected.

  7. Anonymous


  8. Anonymous

    Would someone pleaseeeee help me understand the Iowa Caucus. I just don’t understand.

  9. WishICouldCaucus

    Folks, before you stand up for Trump, please consider who you’ll be selecting to represent you in the White House. Question: Have ya seen the GQ pictures taken of Trump’s then-girlfriend Melania? They were taken on his jet, my dear Iowans. I saw parts of our soon-to-be First Lady that I can never un-see. We’re putting them in the White House? Ewww!

    1. Heitman


  10. TC1994

    What has Cruz done for the American people, any of the American people? I am sorry but I dont trust anyone who just decided to renounce their dual citizenship to run for President. He should have not kept dual citizenship if he really loved America. Last time we had a person who was not born and/or raised in America it did not work out well (Obama).

    Most candidates do not understand the issues happening at the bottom tier.
    In Cruz’s case, his wife as well as Cruz is tied to wall street, just look at his major donors: Wilks Brothers, Robert Mercer and Darwin Deason between those 3 they donated 31 million dollars- People are being suckered once more by the political elite- we just dont learn our lessons. we get caught up in the hype and before we realize it we are bamboozled

    I am all in for Ben Carson because of his accomplishments in life, which says a lot about the strength of a person. If you add up all the accomplishments of the rest of the candidates, they dont come close

  11. peter

    Trump is a real deal,only him can get the job done. If you’re real american and love this country,you must vote for him. The rest of it just crooks and liars

    1. Anonymous

      You need to learn about Rand Paul. He is neither a crook nor a liar and he will get it done! #StandWithRand

      1. Paul G

        Rand Paul after months and months of research is by far the best candidate. Wants limited federal government control…giving the power back to the states like the Constitution has it. Balance the budget and cut taxes at the same time! Leave more money in peoples hands and less in the politicians. If the federal government is so small it will have no power to sell to corporations or special interest. Rand Paul!

    2. Katie

      Rand Paul is the only candidate that believes in LESS government. He is the only one that can be trusted.

  12. Kim

    I totally agree with Michelle McDonald on Cruz! Cruz needs to be the GOP nominee and he will beat Hillary. Cruz will rescue our country from the disaster Obama has brought about the last 7+ years! He will lead the fight against Congress, which continues to spend us into oblivion. He will fight against (and hopefully abolish) some of the over-reaching alphabet soup government agencies (IRS, EPA, etc.). He will protect our borders and regain respect for our country abroad, which Obama has completely squandered! I will be caucusing for Cruz in February 2016!

    1. Anonymous

      Cruz is full of shot..he is for na union

  13. Anonymous

    Cruz is just more of the same, and remember the definition of insanity! He is a member of the problem class not the solution class. Cruz is a grandstander and a closet globalist with a wife three steps down from the top of GS, a leader in the globalist takeover of America. Cruz is a freshman senator, groomed from the gate in nuance with an eye to the presidency. Been there done that. Latest glaring example, Gang of 8. From his days w/Bush he has been all in for legal immigration. His bad decisions, he merely excuses away, TPA, H1B, Corker bill, etc. He rode the middle in Gang of 8, if it failed he claimed hero and if it had passed w/his amendments he would have been the hero to millions of illegals. He kept hawking his bill long after the senate passed the bill intact on to the house. He wanted legalization over no change. And he didn’t kill the bill, many were in the fight, he just takes credit for himself. As for standing with Sessions, do you realize Sessions’ amendment limited immigration in Gang of 8 battle and Cruz voted “no.” Ironically, years later, Sessions bill he voted “no” on is exactly the position he takes today. We have one opportunity to change the trajectory to ruin, only one candidate who isn’t bought by the puppet masters, one with the financial experience to take on the debt, only one who will deport illegals until an accounting can be taken, only one true outsider. I’m willing to take this opportunity. TRUMP 2016 is the only choice!

  14. Heitman

    Cruz fails with women. Not a good sign for you Cruzers. He is the GOPe fallback choice, at best. He is not the one Americans are choosing to defeat HRC, but you are betting on a single state primary win to launch him past Trump? Silly rabbits…

  15. Jim

    Cruz wants to bring 300,000 foreigners legally to the United States to take away citizens jobs. He called it I squared. Not a winner at all, other than that he is a good guy, not presidential.

  16. Doc

    Are we the American people tired of these career politicians thinking they are entitled to be in whatever office they just happen to be running for, in that lies the problem, we the people of the greatest country in the world have had that pumped into our heads before we ever started grade school.

    I for one think we the people should be looking at the candidates for the leader of the free world to not be a career politician, could it really be worse than what we have now!

    Let’s give the one that is not feeding off we the people’s hurting backs. We sure can’t afford to put HRC in office she ran the country once already.

  17. Jenny price

    Dear michelle, I will be praying for you. I know that the Republicans have closed down many mental health institutions but I’m sure you can find a good psychiatric doctor to help with your delusional thinking. Good luck. Remember Bernie is hope.

  18. Kim

    Jim, you’re misinformed. The recently passed omnibus bill in Congress allows funding for nearly 300,000 visas for Muslim migrants in one year! Ted Cruz voted NO.

  19. Anonymous

    You know what? We all are doomed! I dnt see any person that is running worthy of being president. Everyone has their own agenda. Don’t you all see it. Everyone complains about everything everyone does. Nothing is ever good enough. This crap started when Bush was in office. America problems with him as well. Protesters from other countries were rude to him. Threw shoes at him during speaches. America waa about to go into another great depression. Do you guys remember this? Then Obama takes office to do the best he can do to clean up this crap tjat Bush left. Yall still complain. He has tried to take on congress to get things passed, and yall still complain. Now whos next? Trump? Cruz? Clinton? Sanders? It doesn’t matter who is elected, Congress is the enemy. The speaker of the house looks suspect. They are the reason why America isnt running well. Better than it was 7 years.

  20. Bob

    I first attended a Caucus in 1980 and it was also my last, as I will never attend another. I went to my local Republican meeting place. It was a small meeting room in the public library. They had seats set up for about 20-30 people. They were surprised when over a hundred showed up. The caucus lasted about 2 hours, but was cut short as I will explain later. This was back when Bush and Reagan were running. We went to our separate corners and cast our votes. At our precinct Reagan actually came out on top with about 90% of the votes. It then came time to elect delegates to the State convention. The chairman asked for nominees. Right away a committee person stood up and read off a slate of names that no one heard of to be put into nomination. Before anyone knew what was going on, it was moved and second that the slate of candidates be approved. And the vote took place and approved. Right away hands started going up asking who are these nominees and who are they representing. Many other wanted to put their names into nomination, but weren’t given the chance because the process went so fast. At first they weren’t going to tell us who the nominees were representing, but after so much flack that the committee was getting, gave in and reported that almost all the slate of delegates were for Bush, even though Reagan got most of the votes that evening. So at this point most all the 100+ caucus goers got up and left. These Caucus are rigged by the committee putting them together, and I will never attend another and can’t imagine why the press puts so much focus on them. I would much rather just go to a polling place and cast my ballot.

  21. Smitty

    To understand Trump’s character and campaign, go online and read about his past experiences: 1)Barons article “Donald Trump’s Blustery 1990 Campaign Against a Wall Street Analyst”,, 2) New York Daily News article “Trump University was ‘classic’ fraud, says prosecutor”., 3) Trump political donations,, 4) Trump use of eminent domain to take a widow’s home for a casino parking lot for limousines, 5) Trump political donations to gain favor. 6) Trump corporation bankruptcies.

    Compare Trump’s life experiences with those of Dr. Carson by researching “Ben Carson awards and honors” online. Check out Carson’s Presidential Medal of Freedom award( the nation’s highest civilian honor), Carson Scholars and library reading rooms for youth, his philanthropy, his innovative medical and humanitarian work, his book contents, and his unifying, non-partisan efforts The comparison of character, personal goals and strategies, and the histories of sharing substantive ideas to build better youth and a better America is striking. Real strength is more than self aggrandizement.

    1. OC, California

      Trump has never been an ordinary American. He will never be able to relate to an average and more so to a less than average American. In this case, Carson can surely identify to the every issues that affects every Americans. Carson can identify being poor, minority, average, elite, and the epitome with class act to be called President of the United States. These are what Carson excel over the others – credentials matter, life experiences matter, convictions matter, dedications matter, faith matter, intelligence matter, morals matter, services to humanity matter, wise, cool, calm, and collective!!!!

  22. Doc F

    I am tired of career politicians and believe all are corrupt. Time for new people to hopefully make big changes from top down. Although I would like to believe Mr. Rubio and do like his life story, he is still a career politician and I have too many trust issues. I am an independent trying to find middle ground to change our current worldwide situation as our time is running out. I will go to caucus because the only way we can watch the system and hopefully have an impact on our future. I could see a strong ticket with Trump and Carly Fiorina. I am surprised no one has noticed her during the debates and her inability to rise in the polls. He is about image and strength and willing to discuss financial with world’s brightest. She is tough and I believe willing to do the right things to rebuild our image and position in the world! Our decisions will impact our children’s future and the opinion of the world. Go to caucus and see for yourself so that you know you are part of the change.

  23. Voter

    This poll is lying to everyone. It has been rigged for one YOU CAN VOTE AS MANY TIME AS YOU LIKE WHICH IF YOU’RE PAYING PEOPLE YOU’LL WIN DUH.

  24. Voter

    This poll is rigged for one you can vote as many times as you want and if you’re being paid to post or if you’re paying someone to post for you well then you’re going to win. I’m a Bernie Sanders supporter and I voted 3x each time the number is in Hillary Clinton’s poll went up. No I know our social network we are all volunteers and by the way we win every single one of these polls by more than 40% most of the time I find this poll incredibly hard to believe if by the end of the day Bernie Sanders is enough by more than 30% at the end of the day will know this poll is trash. #BernieMEDIA

  25. Julie

    I just don’t get it. Republican candidates stand before the nation during debates and during their self-serving interviews and blah blah blah about President Obama. Tearing down a president is not productive in any way. They don’t have ANY forward plan, only plans that involve cutting social security, health care, and any other program that helps people in a time of need. Republicans DO however promote war. WHY do conservatives support those who squander OUR hard earned tax dollars on the already wealthy??? WHY do you not want OUR tax dollars to go to people and to the general well being of our nation??? WHAT is wrong with making sure that ALL citizens are healthy and educated??? Some of you mention that you are religious. RELIGIOUS does not mean turning your back on the less fortunate!

  26. Anonymous


  27. Victor Tiffany

    Caucus-goers in IA need to be aware: Hillary Clinton will not be elected. 20% of Democrats polled say they will vote for Trump, not Clinton AND thousands have taken the Bernie or bust pledge. If he is not the nominee, they will either write-in Bernie Sanders in the general election or vote for a third party candidate.

    The Bernie or bust pledge will serve as Convention insurance, and it can be found on the Revolt Against Plutocracy website.

  28. Austin Dreis-Ornelas

    Bernie Sanders will be our next POTUS. He is the only honest politician out there and he has been consistently fighting for the working class throughout his entire career. And he is fighting against the establishment, and starting a movement to take back our Democracy. #FeelTheBern

    1. Austin DeLeon

      I agree!! #BernieForPotus !! #AustinForBernie

  29. Larry Gainor

    If Clinton were elected, she would have a Republican Congress that would not support any initiative of hers – except for maybe those that benefit her Wall Street donors. If Bernie is the nominee, there will be a much larger and more enthusiastic turnout that
    could take the Congress away from the Republicans.

    Hillary thinks that a household that earns $250,000 a year is middle class – she will do nothing for the real middle class (never mind the poor). She is backed by Wall Street, big pharmaceutical companies (don’t look for those prices to go down) and the insurance industry. Goldman Sachs paid her to speak and loaned Ted Cruz money for his senate run. She will also be happy to send other people’s kids to shed their blood for any war she decides will benefit her friends in the defense industry.

  30. Sharon


  31. josh

    Bernie has this hands down. His platform is nothing but the truth. #feelthebern

  32. johnlips

    1. RAND PAUL has won the most straw polls of any candidate running in this race, with 12! that’s including all 4 major straw polls and the largest straw poll this year!
    2. RAND PAUL is the ONLY candidate running in this race, that has beaten hillary clinton in the same 5 states obama won twice! NONE of the other candidates have!
    3. RAND PAUL has the biggest ground game in Iowa, with 130 chairs and co-chairs and over 1000 precinct captains in all 99 counties, the most of ANY candidate in the race. he’s got 10,000 students coming out for him! RAND PAUL has a bigger ground game in Iowa than RON PAUL did and RON had 22 of 28 delegates from Iowa!
    4. fake cfr/cia controlled mainstream media polls of 200 eighty year old grandmothers on landlines ain’t cutting it! that’s not any sort of representation of the entire gop populace. you can toss every poll they mention on the mainstream media in the garbage. when actual registered voters have stepped into a room to vote, it resulted in 12 straw poll wins for RAND PAUL! donald trump won 0!
    5. RAND PAUL is the REAL front runner in this race! not donald trump, not ben carson, not ted cruz, not marco rubio. the mainstream media is simply outright LYING about it! period.

  33. Bejoy Koshy

    To Make America Great Again #StandWithRand

  34. Lorraine Holmes

    All of you on this thread are off your rails if you think a bought and paid for politician is going to do anything different than what’s been done for centuries. There is only one candidate who is a true American Patriot. Not bought and paid for. That is Donald J Trump. He does not need this job. He wants to turn America around. He has the experience and common sense it takes to do the job. No freaking lying bought politicians are going to do that. They like the corruption. Trump will rid the government of the corruption, cut taxes, and make government smaller. Cruz is a snake and the biggest liar.

  35. Rick

    The only way Americans will get a real choice in November 2016 is if the nominees are Rand Paul and Bernie Sanders. Everyone else is, well, same old same old (note to Trump fans – Google some P.T.Barnum quotes).

    A Rand v Bernie debate will be worth listening to. Both candidates speak their own brand of truth to power. Neither sucks up to big donors, undereducated media, political sycophants, or corporate lobbyists.

    I happen to believe Rand’s free market will make us richer than Bernie’s socialism, but I also believe Bernie’s observation that the underclass has not been progressing is both undeniable, and a national problem requiring more than a laissez faire governmental response (the trick will be in the details, as always, if we want to get this right).

    Hopefully Iowans will caucus for one of these two fine candidates on February 1.

    1. Bob S


      Now this poll makes sense with Rand Paul who didn’t even show for the last debate slightly ahead of Donald Trump. I put absolutely no thought into your poll. Rand is in low single digit numbers prior and remains there.

      Your dream will not come true for the Republican ticket. Donald Trump will be on that side. Bernie Sander/Socialist will be the Democrat running for President only if they get Hillary locked up for what she should be.

      Trump is in the best interests of our country in my opinion. I do imagine he will be the upcoming President and clean up some of what Obama has destroyed. Trump is the only one capable of that. So slow down, Iowa is approaching. It will give us a good indication. Most of us know what they will be. This is a false poll.

    2. Anonymous

      Please take your meds before you make stupid comments.

      1. Hannah

        Thnnkiig like that shows an expert at work

  36. Linda

    Ditto, Rick.

  37. Voter 555

    To me Mike Huckabee is the best candidate of all. I trust him to lead the USA.

  38. Voter 555

    I don’t trust Trump. I am so afraid that if Trump becomes the republican nominee the republican side will wind up losing to Hillary Clinton. To me Cruz would be the better choice out of these two, but I am not really so sure about him either, I have heard so much about Cruz not being eligible cause he was born in Canada so I really don’t know if he is eligible or not and also I have heard some about Cruz and Goldman Sachs. I don’t undertand what exactly all the Goldman Sachs thing is about. But, I want to say that the only candidate that I have felt the best about is Mike Huckabee. He is a christian, he believes in Godly principles, he will stand for God and he will stand for what is right for the USA. As the governor of Arkansas for many years Huckabee has the experince in my opinion that will do the best for the people. He shows this on his facebook page. It is sad to me that the media has not mentioned his name very much. But, I am hoping for a miracle in Iowa.

  39. C. Ben Win

    I recommend we Iowans should all huddle with Carson Monday. His background, intelligence, hard work and faith make him head and shoulders the most representative candidate, and the fact he has not needed to stoop to the depth of the crud in the other campaigns is a refreshing sign of a solid leader.

    1. Jan Bennett

      I agree! Carson is the one candidate that deserves respect yet so few people have even given him a chance and are ignorant about him. He’s a Washington outsider and his accomplishments are outstanding. You don’t have to be a life-long politician to have vast experience with leading people, standing for values and truth when making important decisions, or arming yourself with huge amounts of information in order to make responsible decisions. Carson is the epitome of integrity. How can you judge the man just from questionable polls or from the debates where he gets maybe only one or two questions to respond to? He is a constitutional conservative and has specific ideas for the problems that plague our nation. He loves America!

  40. Angela

    TRUMP 2016! Please vote trump!

  41. Anonymous

    Rand Paul 2016 if you want personal freedom and limited government. Trump is just more big government, and big spending.

  42. Anonymous

    Rand Paul 2016

  43. S. O'Hara

    I can support Ted Cruz, Ben Carson or Rand Paul. I will vote for Rubio if he gets the nomination even though I will do it reluctantly. I can’t stand Trump. I actually liked him as my second choice until 2 weeks ago, but then I did more research. He says he is against illegal immigration, but he used illegal immigrants to build Trump Tower and then he stiffed them their less-than-minimum-wage wages. He tried to use eminent domain to take a widow’s house to build a parking lot. He used bullying tactics on a British reporter, Selina Scott, who did a less than flattering interview of him – he kept harassing her until she threatened to take legal action against him. He has said he is for single payer health care. He has donated more money to the Clinton Foundation than any charity. He cheated on his first wife and broke up with his second through the papers, not personally telling her he wanted to divorce her.

    All of this stuff I’ve said about Trump is easily verified – just google what I have written and you can find the articles and read them for yourself.

    So at this point I will NOT vote Trump, no matter what. I don’t trust him. But, if you want to vote for him, I will not call you names or attack you, I will be civil.

    I think the non-Trump voters need to coalesce behind an alternative candidate, and so I’m voting for Ted Cruz since he has the best chance of defeating Trump. But I greatly respect Dr. Ben Carson. I agree with Rand Paul on many points. And I could probably live with Rubio.

  44. Billy Masters


  45. ERJR

    My memory of my first (and last) Iowa caucus is the reason I laugh at all the attention it gets. Went to our district location (1988) to learn the process the hard way. About 25 people arrived to participate and about 15 or so with me were for Robertson, the rest divided between Bush and Buchanan. The meeting started and Bob nominated John with Bill seconding, followed by John nominating Bill seconded by Bob and so forth until our number of County delegates were filled….but with whom? We noticed they were all filled with Bush folks. And so our group had no representation. When we asked why, we were told maybe we should know procedures before coming to caucus next time. No next time for me. But during that election cycle I couldn’t help but notice that Bush machine had primaries delayed through that year in States they were behind in the polls. Iowa Caucus….a joke to me.

  46. Anonymous

    Let me get this straight. Our Federal government bailed out the largest banks in America and most of the major automakers. They did it by printing trillions of dollars that was never circulated to the general public. Then the FED initiated Quantitative easing 1, 2 and 3. Again they printed trillions of dollars that could only be circulated between the banks and the largest corporations in the country. Now the banks and all major corporations have stockpiled trillions of dollars in safekeeping as insurance so they will never again need to be bailed out. Since the money never went into circulation to the general population, all that occurred was each and every dollar in the country was devalued. Banks and corporations got richer, but the general population hasn’t seen a dime of this money. Businesses are not breaking down any doors to give employees higher wages. So, in essence, the only thing that has occurred is the Democratic party has refinanced every bank and major corporation in the country while at the same time devalued the wages every citizen earns.
    The only method the Federal government now has to recoup the money they printed to give to the major banks is to raise interest rates on the general public. The first theft of money from the general public occurred in December. The FED has promised 4 more interest raises this coming year. Just more money out of every tax paying citizen’s pocket.
    The Federal Reserves System fulfills its public mission as an independent entity within the government. It is not “owned” by anyone and is not a private profit-making institution. As the Federal Reserve derives it’s authority from the Congress of the United States. The 7 members of the Board of Governors are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate to serve 14-year terms, but a member who has been appointed to complete an expired term may be reappointed to a full term. The President designates, and the Senate confirms two members of the Board to be Chairman and Vice Chairman…for 4 year terms.
    Now, the money grubbing Clinton’s go around the country earning speaking fees from the very same corporations and banks. Hillary left being the Secretary of State so she could have Goldman Sachs pay her huge sums of money speaking on their behalf. Plus the fact, they will gladly back her attempt to become President so she can continue to print money for them whenever they need it.
    Never mind the fact they have utterly gutted our military. Our US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps are mere fragments of what they used to be. Millions more have fallen into poverty in this country then before when Obama took office. Medical costs have skyrocketed since they forced Obamacare down everyone’s throats. Your deductibles have tripled since the beginning of Obamacare.
    Clinton says she will maintain Obama’s current agenda of wiping out the middle class. Obama’s the next Democrat to join Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter on the speaking circuits. Oh joy!
    The reason Democrats can’t look you in the eye is because they are too busy searching for your wallet!
    I have decided to vote for Donald J. Trump this election. He speaks his mind, he is not asking anyone to help him financially. Instead of attending the last Republican debate, he gave 1 million to our Veterans. His views are closer to mine then anyone else running and I believe he will surround himself with ultimate professionals who are not government insiders once he is nominated then elected as he has always done. I can not vote for another Washington pundit and I could never vote for any Democrat. There is no amount of cajoling that will change my mind!

  47. Smithe8

    When choosing the colours for you office, there are a few basic points to consider. efgackckadbagdaa

  48. Raymondwaymn

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    Relax along with live outside of secondaries

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    Stop by a sexologist

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    Adjust perceptions with natural environment

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    In conjunction with revolutionizing the views associated with the sexual acts, it really is and suggested to pick special areas in the house. Abandon bed in the event you gentlemen end up being lost interest within the identical last cargo area in addition to the masses. Stab the existing places, research or maybe the kitchen’s before the restroom pertaining to gender. You can get back together the eye from the special atmosphere after once more.

  49. Missy

    Grade A stuff. I’m unlqbstionaeuy in your debt.

  50. Columbus, Georgia auto ins quote

    I do think that Honkee porridge is too expensive… Last time i ordered pork+raw fish and it cost me RM10… somemore the fish is 松鱼instead of çš–é±¼… not valuable…

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