How the Iowa Caucus Works

iowa howThere have been many requests for some more information on exactly how the Iowa Caucus works. Here are two videos to help those who have never experienced a caucus or even for those who have because you will still learn something!

How the Iowa Caucus Works



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  1. Marc Thomas

    Rand Paul will shock the world!!! Rand Paul he will rise above the thump from Trump – Rand Paul 2016!!

    1. Matthew

      Rand Paul he will not even get past Iowa.

      1. Joshua

        According to the newest poll on this site, he would be the next president! He is beating all of the republicans and towering over democrats with other 2,000 votes! #RandForPresident2016

  2. Dee

    Rubio and Paul are the only sane Republicans running in this clown car contest

  3. David

    Bernie for President, Bernie for a better nation.

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