January 3rd Likely Iowa Caucus Date

The first election contest will most likely be held on Tuesday, January 3rd.  Iowa was forced to move up its date in order to keep ahead of Nevada, which chose January 14th to hold their primary which is due to the fact that Florida moved up their primary date to January 31st.

Florida decided to move their primary to January 31st in violation of RNC rules, wanting to be the 5th in line.  But is surpassed  South Carolina, who is the first in the south primary.  South Carolina moved their primary to Saturday January 21st.

iowa-county-mapNow the wait is on New Hampshire.  January 3rd was a potential date, but now the possibility of the 9th seems more likely although December still remains a possibility.


Current Primary/Caucus calendar:

Iowa – Tuesday, January 3rd

New Hampshire – unknown

Nevada – Saturday, January 14th

South Carolina – Saturday January 21st

Florida – Tuesday, January 31st


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