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On Monday night in Ames, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush spoke to a couple hundred Story County Republicans at the Judge Joseph Story Dinner at the Prairie Moon Winery. Bush didn’t appear to be a candidate who felt out of place in Iowa. During his 20 minute-long remarks, Bush displayed his passion for getting America back on the right track, and he was optimistic about the country’s future, saying that he feels fortunate to have the opportunity to be a candidate for president.

Bush’s remarks also included some veiled jabs at his new nemesis, Donald Trump. At one point in his remarks, Bush said, “I hope you won’t fall prey to the louder voices in our own party and certainly of the other party that are always trying to divide us, to separate us, rather than trying to unite us.”

Bush, who described himself as a happy warrior who, “wakes up with joy in his heart,” also said, “I’m running to win. I’m not running to make a point. I’m not running to say that my form of conservatism is better than somebody else’s.” Bush made it clear that his goal is to win.

Bush believes that in order for Republicans to win they must broaden their appeal. “This is about campaigning in places Republicans have not been in a while. It’s about campaigning in Latino communities in this country and encouraging them to join our cause. It’s about going to the black churches and talking about school choice. About talking to people about how we can empower them by giving them the tools to earn success on their own.”
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