Mitt Romney and Abortion

In Mitt Romney’s 1994 senate debate he states, “Abortion Should be Legal and Safe in America.” He has since changed his point of view, but the questions voters must ask is did he really change?


  1. Larry

    Romney ignores our state for New Hampshire and Nevada, he passes Romney Care, and now this. If Iowa can’t see that Romney is not our man now, they never will. But don’t worry, we are smarter than that.

  2. Thomas LJ

    I have heard of his position, but seeing it really makes me think if this guy has any backbone. I really find it hard to believe he is doing well in the Republican Party.
    It is about being for abortion, but it is more about trust. I just can’t trust Romney.
    If it was Romney vs. Obama, I would have to find a third party candidate, if only as a protest.

  3. Thomas LJ

    Wow! I have been looking at Romney and Perry as the only legitimate choices. I could careless about Romney’s religion, but hearing him say that sickens me. How can I trust a word this guy says? Fool me once, shame on you…..

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