Can Voters Overcome Romney’s Religious Beliefs in Iowa?

Former Massachusetts Governor,  Mitt Romney, is considered an early favorite by some to win the 2012 Republican nomination, but the some of the same big questions remain about Romney winning in the Republican primaries and caucuses, namely his religious views.
Mitt Romney

It is well known that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and though his religion was never made into an issue in the press or in debates, the polling shows that it hurt him in his 2008 run and it may slow him down early again in 2012.

The question will be once again, how will Christian Conservatives vote when faced with a choice like Romney?

Many Christians do not consider the Mormon faith a true Christian faith and simply will not vote for a non-christian. In 2008 that they stayed away from him and trended toward Mike Hukabee, especially in Iowa and South Carolina, two of the first four states in the presidential election process.

The fact remains that you cannot win the Republican nomination without wining a majority of the Christian Conservatives, so does Romney stand a chance in winning his parties nomination?

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  1. David Shedlock

    “cannot win the Republican nomination without wining a majority of the Christian Conservatives”

    A majority of the Christian Conservatives don’t wanna be wined either.
    Romney tried that once, too. He wined and dined and bought expensive chairs throwing money at evangelicals and they can’t be bought like that.

    Mitt’s followers also continue whining about his Mormonisn, which was not a major issue for the evangelicals. Do you hear Mike Huckabee whining or wining about Mormons who refuse to vote for the non-Mormon? You see it is Mormons who were founded with the principal that all the rest of Christianity had fallen off the theological cliff. So why not ask your average Mormon missionary if they non-Mormons believe in the true religion.

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