Nikki Haley Attacks Trump in SOU Response

In a well-spoken yet strange response, South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley attacks both president Barack Obama and GOP front runner, Donald Trump.

nikki haley


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  1. Jack

    Why is it Republicans always look crazy-eyes when giving these retorts?

    Here is the establishment sticking it to Trump, and trump laughing.

  2. Sam

    Trump is an idiot! Born with a silver spoon up his ass. Foreign wives, bankruptcies, flip-flopper…what else could you ask for in a Conservative candidate…except EVERYTHING!!,

  3. Sober2ndThought

    As a Canadian watching this race, I can’t believe there are that many sheep following Trump. He is a blow-hard that should be selling used cars or homeopathic colon remedies on infomercials. In the same way after the sale, the customer feels cheated having fallen for the a slimy pitch from a snake.

    1. Lakiesha

      Accademia,ho scritto &qt;&ogragnolatquou; intenzionalmente: anch'io ricordavo la grafia con la U, ma la mi smentisce.La soppressione, invece, è dovuta al fatto che la sezione era sostanzialmente inutile: arrivavano più volte segnalazioni su cose già segnalate e chi segnalava di solito non tornava a leggere la risposta.E' più pratico che io riceva una mail, così poi quando pubblico l'indagine posso rispondere personalmente, come ho fatto oggi con quest'indagine.

  4. Sober2ndThought

    Get a grip American republicans, vote for sanity, moderation, proven leadership in politics where a flash in the pan like Trump will fizzle. He will lose interest in listening to everyday Americans and steam-roll his billionaire agenda without a regret. If I could vote wisely from North of the border, it would be Kasich or Santorum.

  5. Sober2ndThought

    The Simple run-down:

    Bush=another term of deceit and disaster
    Carson=unexciting, and still developing his vision
    Christie=bullying legislator with poor track record
    Cruz=pure politics
    Fiorina=intelligence with HP layoff liability
    Kasich=solid, proven with political know-how
    Rand=who cares?
    Rubio=why does he think he is ready?
    Santorum=too honest but perfect values
    Trump=Dancing Bear/bull in china shop

  6. Mira

    This is a really inntlligeet way to answer the question.

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    Great-looking new layout.One of these ridiculous billboards is on 275 south, just past the Gandy exit. On it is a quote attributed to Ben Franklin. It made me laugh that of all the Founder Fathers to invoke, they picked the libertine Franklin. Any port in a storm I suppose. Either that or this group assumes everybody shares their ignorance of history.

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    I am so so sorry. Sometimes it is OK to feel sad, cry, and just be miserable for a day or so. Sometimes, that makes me feel better. Have a good cry when Collin goes for his nap. I don't blame you. It must be a terribly hard week for you. At some point, things will turn around! They have to, right!

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