Paul Beats Out Gingrich in Close Iowa Caucus Straw Poll

In the most recent 2012IowaCaucus.com Straw Poll Congressman Ron Paul edged out Former Speaker, Newt Gingrich 990 to 984. Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to be slowly climbing back into the race finishing third with 643 votes. Mitt Romney and Michelle Bachmann finish out the top five.

Straw Poll: Who will win the 2012 Iowa Caucus?

Ron Paul (23%, 990 Votes)
Newt Gingrich (23%, 984 Votes)
Rick Perry (15%, 643 Votes)
Mitt Romney (14%, 599 Votes)
Michele Bachmann (10%, 414 Votes)
Rick Santourm (7%, 311 Votes)
Jon Huntsman (6%, 249 Votes)
Gary Johnson (2%, 39 Votes)

Total Voters: 4,229
*Online poll with one vote per IP address.


  1. Josh

    Go Ron Paul!

  2. Robert

    Please consider the common sense experiences of Ron Paul.
    Note the legal unwavering practical and rational platform represented by Paul.
    Staying the course the way the constitutional foundation intended,
    for our opportunities of well-being and trust. I am confident of his insight
    and capabilities of overseeing military in an ready and honourable role.
    I feel less hostility from him than the other candidates and at the same
    time a better conscious to be a proven leader of legality.

  3. randy

    Note to Romney & Grinch: Tap Out while you can and stand aside for the Ron Paul Express!!

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