Paul Wins 3rd 2012IowaCaucus.com Straw Poll

Ron Paul has won the third 2012 Iowa Caucus straw poll with 32% of the vote. Michele Bachmann surged into second place with 25%. The poll had 1,895 unique voters.

This was Ron Paul’s 3rd consecutive www.2012IowaCaucus.com straw poll victory although this was also represents his narrowest victory defeating Bachmann by just 7%.

paulTim Pawlenty also saw gains as he finished a respectable 3rd with 11%.

The big loser was Herman Cain who fell to just 7%.

Mitt Romney continues to do poorly in straw polls, showing the lack of enthusiasm for his candidacy. He finished with 8%.

The new straw poll has opened and will expire August 20, 2011.

Here are the final numbers:

  • Ron Paul (32%, 608 Votes)
  • Michele Bachmann (25%, 474 Votes)
  • Tim Pawlenty (11%, 213 Votes)
  • Mitt Romney (8%, 151 Votes)
  • Hermain Cain (7%, 142 Votes)
  • Newt Gingrich (6%, 115 Votes)
  • Rick Santourm (6%, 101 Votes)
  • Gary Johnson (5%, 91 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,895*corrected from original given total.


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  1. RichardTaylorAPP

    Rightful winner Ron Paul;

    Seems the win may have upset the poster of this article however; as the wrong name is highlighted; Wouldn’t it be better to highlight Ron Paul’s name since he is in fact the winner of the third 2012iowa straw poll….

  2. Captain Hugh Smith

    Way to go Dr Paul!!!!! We are waiting for you to take the wheel and help us guide America back for ALL Americans. We are lucky to have this choice… GO RON PAUL!

  3. BettyLiberty

    Woo Woo!!

    | RON PAUL 2012 |||””‘|””___,
    | _____________ l||__|__|__|); The Revolution Continues!!

  4. Lynette

    Way to go Ron Paul! 2012, here we come! LIBERTY!

  5. luis rivera

    The best candidate won.

  6. Ryne Pinto

    RON PAUL 2012!

    The quest for the Whitehouse is ON like Donkey Kong!

  7. Joanne

    The only candidate who has a history of telling the TRUTH as a politician!!

  8. Wayne Schonmeier

    Im not religious….but, its a miracle we HAVE someone as good as Ron Paul running. Ron Paul has a clean record and has strong principal. He’s a doctor and also part of the house’s monetary policy subcommittee. He grills the Federal Reserve every time for misusing and misplacing our tax dollars and is constantly pushing for transparency. He wants to end all wars. Guard our borders. This man means business when it comes to banks screwing the people over. vote Ron Paul. Research him because the mainstream media doesn’t do a very good job at giving him air time. They dont want him to win so they dont post much on Ron Paul……2012!!!

  9. r

    And of all the GOP candidates…..ALL believe in “the rich get richer by stealing from the poor”.

    Hey, Dr.Paul………is that really how you translate the fore fathers intentions in the Constitution ?

  10. Ardnas

    Ron Paul will not support Israel….Ron Paul will side with Iran and let them do as they want….This country has always prospered under God because we support Israel and have stood up to the wiles of the devil as commanded in God’s word…..Ron Paul is going to lay down before the devil and diss Israel……We are done as a nation when that happens….While we are saying peace and safety, evil will be flourishing and God will have to come and judge all the nations who have invited evil to flourish…..God has never failed to keep His word yet and Ron Paul’s election will hasten us to the end time. Even so come quickly Lord Jesus

    1. Jesse

      You religious people make me crazy. You talk about the “end times” and say that you will be saved, but yet you fear it. If you are to be saved, then why the fear of it? If it is the time you are to be taken to heaven, what are you scared of? Could it be you are scared that you may not make it? Isreal is just fine, and they don’t need our help. Iran has no chance of marching in and destroting them. Isreal has the best air force, navy, and army for any coountry 10 times it’s size. Iran is no more a threat to them, than cuba is to us. Dr. Paul recognizes this and feels we do not need to continue to have our troops fight and die for a religious disagreement. I have had freinds and relatives fight over there, some have been injured and luckily that was all. But I am fortunate, what about all those parents who have lost children? People like you should have to explain to those parents why their child died for your beliefs. I would like to see how fast you changed your opinion then, or were “judged” by one of those parents. Religion is fine, just keep it to yourself.

  11. Ardnas

    Yes, So Ron Paul wins LOL……….Emotional ignorance making false claims again…….It is just this type of idle nonsense that gets everyone stupified as it did in 2008.

    1. Jesse

      Stupidity is people believing that their ideals are the only ones that can exist. Some people here in America call themselves Americans, but then step all over the first amendment. Lets not forget that “in god we trust” wasn’t added tp money until the mid 1900’s and so was “one nation under god”, there was a reason those were left out in the first place. FREEDOM OF RELIGION, or in your case freedom from it. I don’t know enough muslims to fill my coat closet, but I sure know a heck of a lot of radical christians, you can’t stand muslims but would love to have a world just like them, oppressed by religion. For the record I have several non radical christian friends and we get along just fine, I don’t push my beliefs on them and vise versa. I guess we follow the constitution.

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