Paul Wins Straw Poll at Leadership Conference; Romney Disappoints

ron paulRon Paul won another straw poll, this time at the Republican Leadership Conference. The big surprise was former Utah governor, Jon Hunstman coming in second place. Mitt Romney finished in a very disappointing 5th place showing his eroding support of conservatives.

The straw poll measured the ability of potential 2012 nominees get supporters to the poll site in New Orleans. Candidates’ campaigns can buy supporters’ conference-admission tickets and vote in the poll and inflate a candidate’s apparent strength.

As all straw polls work, there is no science here, but to possibly measure the excitement and dedication of the current support.

Ron Paul 612
Jon Huntsman 382
Michelle Bachmann 191
Herman Cain 104
Mitt Romney 78
Newt Gingrich 69
Sarah Palin 41
Rick Santorum 30
Tim Pawlenty 18


  1. George Washington

    Mr. Paul has a strong ground game, early fund raisers, high profile legislative endorsements, GOP fellow candidates who literally are echoing Mr. Ron Paul’s stead fast platform, supporters not only from 1 “party related team” but supporters who are democratic, libertarian, republican, and all others. Most importantly, all those people who feel kind of “snowed over” by all the failed campaign promises of Mr. Obama, realize now that ideology and rhetoric never supersedes track record. Walk the walk and talk the talk. Mr. Ron Paul does just that.

  2. Jason Burns

    Ron Paul 2012!

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