Paul Wins Value Straw Poll, Romney Continues To Sink

Ron Paul continues to show strong support in straw polls with another win, this time at the Values Voter Summit. The Values Voter Summit is a big test and will appeal to Christian conservative activists. An endorsement by these voters can energize voters nationwide.

ron-paul-iowa-2012Herman Cain came in second with 22.5%, while former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum finished third with 16.3% of the vote.

Mitt Romney finished near last with a disappointing 4.4% of the vote. The poor performance shows Romney’s weakness with the Christian Conservative community and the major reason why GOP is still searching for a candidate, though they may be slowly but surely warming up to Herman Cain and Ron Paul.



Value Voters Straw Poll

Ron Paul – 36.9% (732)
Herman Cain – 22.5% (447)
Rick Santorum – 16.3% (323)
Rick Perry – 8.4% (167)
Michele Bachmann – 7.9% (157)
Mitt Romney – 4.4% (88)
Newt Gingrich – 2.7% (54)
Undecided – 0.7% (13)
Jon Huntsman – 0.1% (2)


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  1. Tom Karl

    Mitt Romney has no chance to win! How is he the front runner? This Straw Poll proves it. Christian Conservatives will not vote for a Mormon.
    We need a leader with proven Christian values like Rick Santourm. Not only is he right on values, he can help us win Pennsylvania.
    Rick Santourm 2012!

  2. Susan

    Romney might have the same values as most Christians, but it is his politics that is the problem. Flip Flop, Health Care and more. Not presidential material.

  3. Paul

    I don’t care about Romney’s religion, nor his values so much. I care that he is a LIBERAL! He would be a great fit for the Democrats. If he wins, we get nothing but a white Obama. I would rather run a true conservative and lose than to see 4 years of Romney.

  4. Paul

    You don’t care about values or religion? Are you sure your a Republican? Romney must not win the nomination. Mormonism is socialism. Read about them and their own self-imposed tax (10%). This tax is used to support and grow THEIR religion and for SOCIAL causes.

  5. Arthur J. Bloberger

    Am I the only one out here who still believes in the separation of church and state?

    I could care less about a candidates religion; I want to know where they stand on issues and integrity. Say what you mean; mean what you say.

    I am glad Ron Paul won this one. He is the only republican candidate that does that.

    It’s demeaning to this country, founded on freedom of religion, that it should be made an issue in any campaign. We’ve got problems to solve here, everybody, and the same old political rhetoric won’t solve them.

    Ron Paul. He’s not handsome. He’s not charismatic. He doesn’t kiss ass.

    We need a man like him, And Cain is my second choice. Paul/Cain in ’12! For honesty and fiscal responsibility!

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