Rand Paul Compares Trump to ‘the Emperor With No Clothes’ in Op Ed

Lagging in the polls, Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky set aside his right to privacy agenda on Monday afternoon to take up another cause: derailing Donald J. Trump.Mr. Paul laid into Mr. Trump in an afternoon conference call, calling him “a bully” and an “empty suit,” and comparing him to the “emperor with no clothes.”“Are we going to fix the country through bombast and empty blather?” Mr. Paul asked. “Somebody has to challenge him.”Mr. Paul has made that his mission. He started the Republican presidential debate on Thursday evening with a verbal assault on Mr. Trump’s integrity, accusing him of pretending to be conservative and cozying up to the Clintons.He followed that with an op-ed in IJReview listing Mr. Trump’s history of liberal positions and calling on Republican voters to fire Mr. Trump and pick a serious candidate.On Monday evening, Mr. Trump responded on Twitter, comparing Mr. Paul to a “spoiled brat” and saying he “was terrible at DEBATE!”The confrontation with Mr. Trump comes as Mr. Paul’s campaign appears to be stumbling. His debate performance was panned and recent polls have shown him slipping into the bottom tier of candidates.Last week also brought the specter of scandal, as a close aide and the head of a “super PAC” that supports the senator was indicted on charges of hiding secret payments while working on the 2012 presidential campaign of Ron Paul, Mr. Paul’s father.Mr. Paul had little to say about that on Monday, instead reminding voters of his Tea Party credentials and directing his ire at Mr. Trump.“I think if no one stands up to a bully, a bully will just keep doing what they’re doing,” Mr. Paul said. “Unless someone points out the emperor has no clothes, they will continue to strut about, and then we’ll end up with a reality TV star as our nominee.”

Source: Rand Paul Compares Donald Trump to ‘the Emperor With No Clothes’ – First Draft. Political News, Now. – The New York Times


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  1. Krista

    Rand needs to go home. I don’t care for Trump but stick to the issues and stay away from bashing.

  2. missy

    I’m voting for Rand Paul, most definitely. The only candidate that defends the constitution.

  3. Brandon

    Rand Paul is our only hope at getting our country back!

  4. Chris

    Rand all the way. He’s the only one I can vote for and keep a clear conscious. Join me, he makes the most sense.

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