Rand Paul on Face the Nation

rand paul 9-25

Sen. Rand Paul Appears on CBS’ Face The Nation – September 20, 2015:


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  1. Loyie Jay

    After eight years having a failed government under the the leadership party of the Democrats. We hear all the great things that will be accomplished. However 8 years later we are worse that ever. On the Other hand we hear how the Republican party will stand up and vote to protect the people..A total failed policy..Every vote the republicans crumble and do not stand up for the people. Rand Paul stood and fought for the people to have the right to bear arms. Which was already covered under the Constitution and The Bill of Rights. The Democrat Party is screaming better Gun laws to protect the people..Boys and Girls have a right to live and have their dreams..However ” the Democrat people says its. okay to kill boys and girls all day long as long as they are babies and cannot defend themselves”. Then we have these educated people explaining why they are not humans. I am thinking something has to be alive or it want grow. So Who is left to help ..We need a Leader who is a Leader with Character and integrity, who is as good as his word.oops did I over write are there any left. We are dying from the like of failed policy’s . We have grown a nation of hate, dividing, fussing about religion. Every body has to be like me. Why can’t we stand and say what is good for the Country and for the People. God will do the dividing him self we do not have to worry about that. All we have to do is be right with God. I am talking individually no one can stand for another. We need a PRESIDENT who will stand for America. People should make a list what they think would be a good president..Cross our people who are known liars. You can never trust a liar. Some one who will stand for the people, be present on voting day. A person who will not stand on their own word is no good. Tired of excuses, we have set and watched how down hill every thing is..What do we hear its our fault there are to many people.Who spent SS money and now they cry we are broke. Is it the people fault or was the one making the laws was absent that day or did they give their self a pay raise and increased their own .NOT ONE AMERICAN HAS PASSED A LAW, WROTE A BILL, OR VOTED..WE ARE IN TROUBLE BECAUSE WE A IN NEED OF A LEADER.Not a clown one who could reach across and build a gap and make this NATION GREAT AGAIN. THIS IS WHY i STAND FOR RAND PAUL.

  2. Jeff q

    I #SrandWithRand

  3. Jim T

    Great job Rand! I #standwithrand

  4. Jack fallon

    The voice of reason – Rand Paul!

  5. Barry

    I stand with Rand Paul as well. The adult in the room and the real one to make America great again.

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