Has Romney Overcome the Religious Hurdle in Iowa?

Massachusetts’ Governor Mitt Romney has finally seen some positive movement in recent Iowa polling after being stagnant for much of the election cycle. As Iowans debate whether Romney is a Conservative or a Rhino, Evangelicals are debating whether he is a Christian.

Many Iowans simple do not consider religion when voting, but the fact remains many do and those who do have a powerful organization and that is what the Iowa Caucuses are all about.

Romney+Mormon+ChurchMany Christian Conservatives are still asking what is Mormonism? Is it a Christian religion? These questions take investigation of the individuals who question it, but basically Mormonism is based on the belief that Jesus Christ returned to Americas and that the American Indians are one of the lost tribes of Israel.
Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus Christ in a vision after praying to know which church to join. They called on him to restore the church Christ organized when He was on earth, with the proper organization and priesthood authority that had been lost shortly after the Savior’s death.

Some basic beliefs of Mormons that differ with Christians include:
*God was born and raised on another planet and is only one of countless gods.
*God has a harem of wives. Mormonism still acknowledges polygamy as a divine principle that may apply in heaven, though it’s no longer in practice on the earth (They were forced to stop by the U.S. Government by laws in 1862 to 1887.
*America is the promised land, not Israel. The holy city is Independence, Missouri, not Jerusalem. Jesus’ latter-day agenda is to return to Missouri.
*Mormonism denies one or more of the essential doctrines of Christianity. Of the essential doctrines (that there is only one God in all existence, Jesus is divine, God in flesh, forgiveness of sins is by grace alone (Eph. 2:8-9; Rom. 4:1-5), and Jesus rose from the dead physically (1 John 2:19; Luke 24:39), the gospel being the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus, 1 Cor. 15:1-4), Mormonism denies three of them: how many gods there are, the God of Christianity, and His work of salvation.

If Religious beliefs are important in your voting decisions, we encourage to read more about Mormons and make you own decision: Mormon.org

The following video presents the Mormon view of its history:

For those who accept others religious beliefs without question there is more of a philosophical question about Mormonism concerning the Republican party and that is, is Mormonism Socialism?
As a practicing Mormon you are expected to pay 10 percent of your income to move forward the work of the Church. This 10 percent is often used for good, such as helping the poor around the world or helping each other within the community, also known as Socialism.
So is it therefore possible to argue with your heart and soul that individuals should be responsible for themselves and is it possible to argue for low taxes and less social programs when you are brought up with a philosophical view that taking from the rich to give to the poor is expected by your church?
Well only a man’s record could show that and a look at Mitt Romney’s policies as Governor of Massachusetts shows that he clearly believes, for good or bad, in the tenet of Socialism.


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  1. Barney

    Thank you, that is a very informative and interesting look at this delicate issue. I think that Mitt Romney’s religion doesn’t not matter, but I also believe that he is Rhino. And the fact the his religion asks him to pay a 10% tax really does speak to the core of who Mitt Romney is…a DEMOCRAT!

  2. Laura

    Religion does matter to me, but I feel that Romney is a good faithful man, but I am beginning to have questions about his faith’s beliefs. I cannot accept anybody who doesn’t have the basic Christian beliefs whether they by Evangelical, Catholic, Lutheran or Orthodox, but after reading from the Mormon website about their beliefs I cannot consider them a Christian religion and I can therefore not consider Romney as my president.

    1. Gary

      I am “Mormon”. Jesus Christ is my Savior and everything that I’m taught only strengthens my faith in Him.

      1. ed-words

        What the H– did He save you from?

  3. rich

    Can we get over the Religious issue and focus on the man. He is NOT a Conservative…the end! (Though I agree this 10% Mormon tax is further proof that Romney is NOT a Conservative!)

    Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry are the only two legitimate candidates.

  4. Derek Wain

    The threat that Ron Paul poses to our national security, his desire to disarm America, and his acquiescence in an Iranian nuclear weapon should be the focus of the Iowa electorate.
    This is the Obama-Paul line of accommodation, apology, and appeasement towards radical Islam and Iran. Paul is comfortable with an Iranian atomic bomb. His policy of preemptive surrender and submission to radical Islam is the blueprint for national suicide. The un-Paul is Michele Bachmann. She is as smart as a whip and tougher than steel–the little lady with a spine of titanium. She is loved by patriotic Americans; she is hated by the jihadist’s “useful idiots.”

  5. Lisa

    Leave it the Ron Paul sheep to talk about the wrong subject.
    Great article. Socialism is Mormonism. Wow, who knew. We should have known. Romney Care is Socialism. The evidence is there. Romney is not a Republican, let alone a Conservative. He is Obama 2.0 with better hair.

  6. Andy

    Fascinating point. Mormonism is socialism. It is not an insult, it is just a fact. Everything Romney has every done in his political career shows that he is a bleeding heart Socialist.
    I watched the Mormon movie and while they are not bad people, in fact they seem very honest and wholesome, but they are not Christians. Some of the things they believe are quite ridiculous.

  7. James

    This article is not accurate.Mormonism is not SOCIALISM, everybody must obey the law and help others after help their own family, it is not being SOCIALIST, that’s called being real human, that is something we, the Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Daints, do…

    Obama and people like him who redistribute what the government collects, creating a SOCIALIST DEMOCRACY and the fact that they are spending more than they can take in, is what mormons try to avoid, even Democrats, because that actitude stops the progress. We belive in progress, eternal progress, I am a mormon, I know there is only one GOD to worship, and Jesus Christ is his son.

  8. ed-words

    Why so many l-TRU religions? Will we ever outgrow this nonsense?

  9. Tristan

    This article contains many errors. As a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, we believe in only one God, our Heavenly Father. We believe Jesus Christ is His son and the world’s savior from the corruption of sin. Although, mormon.org is a true and correct website. Many people were afraid of John F. Kennedy leading the country as a Catholic. He only used his religion as his own belief system; not something to press upon the United States of America. Mitt Romney will only do the same.

    1. ed-words

      We believe We believe We believe

      How about thinking and questioning?

  10. Tonga

    To whomever wrote this under-handed article,

    You are fortunate today because I will correct the wrong things you have said about my religion. Firstly, when you intend on buying a chevy vehicle, you do not go to a honda dealer and ask them about chevy’s. In the same sense, whoever reads this article should in fact go to http://www.mormon.org instead of reading this rubbish written by this uniformed author(s). everything that has been listed above is slightly skewed so to convey that mormons are extreme or weird. The only thing I have to say about our church is this:

    1. We believe that God is the eternal father and that jesus christ, his son, is the savior of the world and no man can enter into the kingdom of God except it be by baptism in the name of God, Jesus his Son, and the holy Ghost by someone who holds the authority.

    2. We believe in a modern day prophet and that god reveals his will to the world through him for god is the same yesterday, today and forever and the patterns for revealing his word to holy men on earth is an eternal plan that he doesn’t change.

    3. If anyone doubts we are chrisitan take a look at the name of our church, “The Church of Jesus Christ…” we are not the church of st. jerome or st catherine or (john the) baptist…we are the church of JESUS CHRIST. Further investigation might be taken to those churches who proclaim any other name above their church doors.

    It is amazing to me how it is 2012 and with all the access to knowledge, the uninformed people who wrote this article still have the facts wrong, and somehow they got a job in writing on this website?? wow…not very impressed with you iowa caucus.

    1. Hank

      Hej! Vill först och främst tacka för en superbra blogg som jag läser dagligen!Har också en fråga, jag älskar att äta frukt, äter både banan, clementin, äpple, päron, ja you name it! Har i syfte att gå ner i vikt och undrar nu om frukt ens är bra att äta då? Eller ödg?huvuvtaeetrMed tanke på allt fruktsocker, är det nästan lika onyttigt som godis? Tacksam för svar! Ha en bra dag

  11. Andy

    I love how Mormons rush to tell THERE version of Mormonism. Allow me to retort.
    1. You are in a cult.
    2. The history of your “religion” is a joke an an embarrassment.
    3. Your “prophet” is a scumbag pervert.
    4. Your beliefs include much more than the tame 3 points you made. Planets, magic underwear, racism, socialism, sexism, and much more.
    Live with your beliefs, don’t try to shine them up for the public.
    You are not Christians.

    1. ed-words

      My religion is better than your religion. Na a-a-a-a-a-a-a-h!

  12. Truth

    I love how these morons… Er mormons, say If you want to know about them, ask a Mormon, instead of an unbiased source. That’s like saying, if you want to know about satanism, ask a member of a satanic cult.

    1. Mormons believe god was once a man.

    2. Mormons absolutely support plural marriage (I.e. A man being eternally ‘sealed’ to many woman)

    3. Mormons believe blacks have black skin because they are cursed.

    4. Mormons believe Joe smith (a documented pedophile and adulterist) used magical stones to translate the book of Mormon. Yes magic stones.

    5. Just because mormons insert the name ‘Christ’ into their religions official name, doesn’t make them Christians. Because Mormons clearly are not.

    6. Mormons believe god and Jesus live on planet Kolob.

    7. Mormons believe American indians are actually ancient Jews who secretly traveled here 3000 years ago.

    8. They don’t believe in the biblical Jesus. They believe in smiths ‘vision’ of jesus.

    There is much more insanity than these few points I’ve listed. Anyone who wants to know more, do a quick search on ‘Archaeology and the book of mormon’, and ‘the book of abraham’, if you want a real laugh about these sickos.

    Personally, I’d sooner vote for a Scientologist.

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