Is a Romney Vote in Iowa a Wasted Vote?

As Iowa voters begin to take a closer look at all the candidates one big question continues to seek an answer, is a Romney vote a wasted vote? Otherwise, can Mitt Romney win the GOP nomination even if he wins the Iowa Caucuses?

In the 2008 Republican presidential primaries Romney finished a distant third in the delegate count with about 271 delegates, while winner John McCain finished with 1575 delegates. Romney did win several states: Nevada, Wyoming, Michigan, Alaska, Colorado, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, Utah and Maine. Doubt those successes there is one glaring problem, he did not win a single southern state.

mitt romney iowaCan a nominee win GOP nomination without winning some states from the South? The simple answer is no. The South is the heart of the Republican party and with Florida, Texas and Georgia, (not to mention South Carolina playing the first in the south role) among the large delegate holders, it is nearly impossible to win the GOP nomination without doing very well in the south.

That brings us to Mitt Romney and the South. It is hard for a liberal Republican governor from Massachusetts to win in the South, but it is simply impossible for Mormon liberal Republican governor from Massachusetts to win in the South.

Some people consider the LDS a cult, some consider it a religion, but not a Christian religion, some don’t care. When you are talking about the Southern Republican party, they generally do care and like it or not, Romney will never overcome this fact.

Political scientist Larry Sabato said, “One reason Romney pulled out of South Carolina was that he could not overcome the palpable prejudice that evangelical Christians have about his religion, and South Carolina’s view is shared throughout much of the South and elsewhere.

While Mitt Romney continues to fair well in national polls, it is important to remember that the GOP candidate is not chosen nationally, rather it is chosen regionally. If you cannot win the largest region, you cannot win the nomination. Therefore, a vote for Mitt Romney in Iowa is a wasted vote, for he cannot win the nomination.


  1. Loyal Yank

    No vote is a wasted vote: how many people in the world wish they even had the vote? If only more Americans exercised their right to vote, and voted with their consciences instead of ‘the party line’ (and if only it was easier to register for parties, primaries, and general elections).

    However, if you want your vote to REALLY count… RON PAUL 2012. C’mon. You know you want to.

  2. Bad Brad

    Actually, A vote for anyone NOT WILLING TO TAKE ON THE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS OF THE WORLD, INCLUDING THE FEDERAL RESERVE, IS A WASTED VOTE. VOTE RON PAUL IN THE PRIMARY, AT LEAST UNTIL SOMEONE ELSE CAN CONVINCE YOU THEY WILL END THE POWER OF THE PRIVATE CENTRAL BANKS. And if you do not understand why it is such a Vital issue, then you need to do some research. here is a good place to start. http://www.youtube.com/user/theamericandreamfilm . “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.
    Thomas Jefferson”

  3. Loyal Yank

    Save the dollar. END the FEDERAL RESERVE. Ron Paul 2012.

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