Ron Paul Wins First 2012IowaCaucus.com Straw Poll


Voting has been stopped for the first 2012IowaCaucus.com Straw Poll and Ron Paul ran away with it with 2,750 votes and with 40%
of the total vote.

Sarah Palin, who has showed no intentions of running thus far, came in second with 1,488 votes and 22% of the vote.

The big surprise is at number three where Herman Cain finished with 755 votes and 11% of the vote. Mr. Cain is showing to be a legitimate Iowa Caucus candidate thus far.

On the bad side, Mitt Romney posted a dismal 145 votes and garnered just 2% of the vote. Romney doesn’t have much of a chance as he continues to ignore Iowa. Without winning Iowa, this sign of weakness will follow him to South Carolina where he likely to lose.

Ron Paul (40%, 2,750 Votes)
Sarah Palin (22%, 1,488 Votes)
Herman Cain (11%, 755 Votes)
Mike Huckabee (8%, 520 Votes)
Michele Bachmann (4%, 286 Votes)
Tim Pawlenty (4%, 248 Votes)
Gary Johnson (3%, 198 Votes)
Donald Trump (2%, 168 Votes)
Newt Gingrich (2%, 155 Votes)
Mitt Romney (2%, 145 Votes)
Other (2%, 112 Votes)
Total Voters: 6,825

The new poll begins immediately and will close June 15th.


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  1. Chris

    I hope the country is really waking up and that Dr. Paul wins the nomination. If we do not elect someone who bases his entire platform on Liberty and restore the liberty and responsibility that made America great, we will no longer have a country worth fighting for. All we will have left is a skeleton picked clean by the vultures on Wall Street and the multi-national corporations, and a people kept “in line” by a police state that’s already knocking on our doors. Wake up America. We don’t need to police the world and waste money on imperial conquest or empire maintenance, and that’s what a vote for any other candidate guarantees. Now is the time…

    1. Kris

      Chris you took the words right out of my mouth please email me I am trying to network with as many RonPauler 2012ers as possible. kgrifrin and Im on yahoo. If you see this country needs to make big changes I need your support I am surrounded by a circle of those who are either still apathetic or work for the big multinatinals and are greedy. I want change to happen but my friends dont agree with me looking to connect in a branching out kinda way. so if this appeals to you please write to me. thanks

    2. Katelin

      Thank you for this, couldn’t have said it better.
      RON PAUL for Peace 2012!!

  2. matthew markowicz

    How many victories will it take for people to realize that the explosive movement Dr. Paul started in 07 CONTINUED TO PICK UP SUPPORT the last 4 years!? These numbers are no fluke. He is the captain of a tremendous ship that is sailing away with the country and god bless the Republican Party if they actually get behind him and create a landslide victory for this country in 2012.

    1. Melisa

      You said it well!

  3. Pamela

    Thank you Iowa!!

  4. Chris

    I didn’t know Americans researched their candidates. I guess I was wrong, this is a great sign for everyone, and I hope we can unite, because I can’t handle another 4 years of dishonest back door politics, paid by my tax money.

  5. Kdub

    Ron Paul 2012! Restore the Republic!

  6. Peggy Rose

    Well I’m 59 years old and just lost a job I held for 13 years. Non profit that is State funded for speaking out against corruption. We are running out of time people. We are watching the destruction of this once great country. Osama died in 2001, it was all over the News. This is not an attack against Obama, this charade was started when Bush was in office. Our Government is invading sovereign countries using our tax dollars, killing thousands of innocent citizens with our tax dollars while our economy collapses. The only candidate that even comes close to fixing this mess is Ron Paul. Many think his philosophies are too extreme. Well in my humble opinion we need extreme changes Now before its too late.

    1. RIOSAM


  7. Glen

    We must start the transition from Fascism back to the Constitutional Republic of our founding. The only candidate that will that will truly be committed to this transition is Ron Paul. It’s your choice folks. Freedom and Liberty or more Fascism.

  8. Tammy Blair

    I’ve read two of Ron Paul’s books and am about the start the third. Because of that, I understood what he was saying in the short, 30-second responses in the debate. It’s very hard to quickly express the principles of liberty that Ron Paul holds dear. He is a true Statesman, unlike the other choices.

    1. Greg

      Tammy, you are EXACTLY right. So many dismiss Paul as “crazy” but, he’s not the 30 second sound byte guy. He deals with principals much deeper than that. It’s a shame we’ve been reduced to a society that deals with issues in 30 second sound bytes.

  9. Jeannie

    . . . lol . . . waiting for supermom! It is time for a woman touch to right this ship. Run Sarah Run — we simply await your decision and even the pollsters will be “surprised” by the immense support garnished. jmho

    1. Brian

      Voting for Palin just because of her sex is horrible! That’s the same as me saying I’d vote for whatever man runs against her!

    2. David

      That kind of thinking is what got us into this mess in the first place.

    3. Renae

      I am a woman and I agree! As much as I would love to see a woman in white house. The right candidate is the issue! Go Ron Paul!

    4. Kris

      I used to think that we needed a female president just so that I could I dentify with her. It would appeal to my inner feminist. But now after shaking my head during both Bush administrations I had hope for first African American president. I now see there is a dire need for change. It doesnt matter if the president is female, black, purple or gay. If they are a sellout to the military industrial complex, then they are toxic to what this country used to represent: its people.

      1. RIOSAM


    5. Mr. Matt

      Sarah Palin is not fit to govern a country. I voted for her in Alaska governor’s race and I was proud to. She knows her stuff when it comes to Wasilla and Alaska, but she gave up on her role when she resigned… She could never win an election for President.

    6. Deeptoad

      I’m sorry, but Palin is simply not fit for the position. And voting based on gender, ethnicity or creed is very misguided and dangerous.

      Ron Paul has an extraordinarily sound congressional record and is rather learned in matters of monetary and fiscal policy, responsible defense and Constitutionally guaranteed liberties.

      As I see it, there is no contest.

      1. Joe Lawson

        Sarah Palin has done an excellent job at all the positions she has won. Including 2 terms as governor. When she left office, Alaska was one of the few states with a budget surplus. In addition, the hundreds of thousands of emails that have been released to the public from Palin’s time as Gov. prove one thing, that she was an excellent governor, she was engaged, was qualified and someone who fought the establishment. To say that Palin is not fit for the position is silly and has no merit. I can say that Dr. Paul never was the executive of any state, he just voted “NO” on everything and therefore is not qualified because he has no experience with governing, which is what the President does. The difference is that I won’t say that because I know better. I was one of Ron Paul’s congressional district coordinators in 2007, and can tell you he would make an excellent President, just like Palin. Palin is the anti-establishment candidate. They are afraid of her and they should be, she would reset America, and would make it great again. While Ron knows monetary policy, and that is good. You might be stunned to see that Palin agrees with just about all, if not everything that Dr. Paul believes about economics, the Fed and monetary policy. Sarah also is the only other candidate that i know of besides Dr. Paul that advocates pulling troops out of foreign entanglements and pulling back on spending overseas. But hey, as a Ron Paul supporter you should know that the Main Stream media do not like Palin or Paul. For good info goto conservatives4palin dot com. By the way Sarah Palin is on her way to 4 million facebook friends – no one else comes close.

        1. Tom

          I am sure with Sarah Palin math, she did win two terms for governor, but in the real world she won one time an quit her job half way through to make more money.

  10. MG

    Congrats Dr. Paul!

  11. Roxy

    R3VOLUTION 2012!!! Ron Paul is my president.

  12. Jeff

    I havent always been a huge fan of Ron Paul until recently. I guess it was the way he was always portrayed by the media as a crank. Then I read his 07-08 campaign book Revolution: The Manifesto and was blown away. I realized this character assassination may be due to the fact that Ron points out uncomfortable truths that shake the core of a great number of power players. There is no doubt in my mind now that Ron is the best qualified candidate out there with his deep understanding of economics and the failure of government intervention domestically and overseas.

    1. pyrat

      Jeff, my friend. You hit the nail on the head! Too many Americans are relying on the news, instead of doing their own investigating. We are at a critical junction in our history and it is so important that we get this right. Ron Paul is not the best speaker. I get that. He isn’t the most handsome. So be it. But we need to break away from this polished, packaged, Hollywood mentality. Vote with your heart and mind. Vote for America and what she stands for!

  13. William

    Some of us have been working hard to see this message get more exposure. Very soon now the primary process will narrow and Ron will surprise the fence sitters. Let’s keep spreading the message of Constitutional fidelity and overall liberty. Remember guys, the motto of Iowa: “Our liberties we prize, and our rights we will maintain!” Now THAT’S a cause worth fighting for.

    1. Charlotte

      Three’s a charm for 2012.

  14. Freedom4America

    Great News!!

    Ronpaulicans OWN the internet!! Ron Paul usually also WINS all live straw polls as well if we believe them to be important enough.

    Vote for Ron Paul in this poll if you have not already.


    Ron Paul 2012

    “Choose Paul for the Long Haul”

  15. Big dog

    This is awesome!!! So good to see lovers of Liberty gather so early!! Don’t loose steam, get out there, get online, we are fighting a different battle, no machingun needed, this is a battle of intellect! Use lots of kindness to crack off the layers of brainwashing!!!
    Ron Paul 2012!!!
    You guys are at least one more strong than in 2007!!!! Ready to battle….!!!!

  16. Karoline

    I’m new to Ron Paul…Absolutely love his liberty platform. The people who support him are fully informed, intelligent, and know exactly what Ron Paul stands for. The ONLY way I was able to learn about Ron Paul (in an unskewed fashion) was on Facebook and the internet…with his supporters speaking out….Thanks!!! He is not a “nutjob” he may well be our countries last hope and “re-founding” father!! Let’s take our country back from those who have worked for decades dismantling our constitution!

  17. Chris in Ottumwa

    Ron Paul will never win an election. He has some very great ideas, but too many too far out there ideas also.

    Plus, he has a very loyal following that always show up and make the most (and sometimes rude) noise. But that does not always mean he has the most supporters just the loudest and in some cases rudest.

    Great for him in the lead up but once the field is set and the supporters of others who have not declared they are running yet, his numbers will go down.

    1. Dave

      Yeah.. Unfortunately, restoring our constitutional republic and the conditions under which America was able to prosper is a “way far out there” idea these days.

    2. William

      I think you may be a bit misled, since Ron Paul has been elected 12 times, which may be more than, all the other GOP candidates combined. I, as many Ron Paul supporters, will never vote for any of the other GOP candidates. Most Ron Paul supporters see that there is no real difference between the other candidates, and Obama. They are all big government fascists. They all take from the poor working people, and give to the rich. All the Ron Paul supporters, I know, including myself, will right in Ron Paul, if that’s our only option. I would rather vote for someone, who might not win, than vote for another corporate puppet, just because the corporate media says he’s the horse that’s gonna win. Without many of the Ron Paul supporters, the GOP will not win in 2012, so vote Ron Paul, or get ready for another 4 years of Obama.

    3. Oscar_DeGrouch

      “Ron Paul will never win an election.”

      He’s served in the House since 1976.

      Your “people will do this, people will do that” arguments about Ron Paul’s non-viability are getting thin. Despite all the RINO rhetoric that “he’s too out there, he has good ideas but can never win” as well as media ignorance of his campaign is getting refuted at every turn by his consistently increasing numbers.

      Chris, I’d suggest that if you think he has some great ideas, you should vote for him instead of worrying about which horse will win the race. That’s not what voting is about.

  18. Mr. Rocker

    The new world order media will not announce this..

  19. Rightscoopisamoron

    Boy oh boy, what is everyone waiting for..you complain you want change well here is your chance, VOTE RON PAUL. Stay away from the Sarah Palins of the world, we don’t need to someone who gets on TV everynight and complains about the other side just to get attention. We need real change and solutions, VOTE RON PAUL. Surely you don’t want to vote for someone who not only was Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank, but also supported privatizing the banks..yep that would be good ol Herman Cain, Ya really think some goon working for the FED has your best interest at Heart? If you do please get the hell out of my country.

  20. Carlos Garcia

    Wow…Amazing how many Ron Paul supporters always seem to steal these online votes. Too bad you guys haven’t learned anything from ACORN or your guy would’ve been elected President by now. Have any of you even listened to this nut job in a debate? In the last one, even Herman Cain made him look like a nut without a vision for the country. Just like the past, 2012 will see Mr. Paul go nowhere. Sorry guys, the towers were NOT blown up by W.

    1. Mark

      What do the towers and W have to do with Ron Paul? Are you insinuating that Ron Paul is a truther? If so, where is the evidence?

      Ron Paul got nearly 5% of the popular vote in 08, and the Revolution has grown by leaps and bounds since then. If you listened to Ron Paul’s answers in the debate and came away thinking he’s a nut, it’s a clear indication you have no grasp of the problems our country faces. Try picking up a book and turning off the MSM garbage that’s filling your mind with rhetoric. I’d say Ron Paul’s “The Revolution” is a good book to start with.

  21. Brian

    Ron Paul is a hero, a legend! Ron Paul has been MY president since 2008, and with a little elbow grease he may be everyone’s president in 2012! Great show!!

  22. rosemary

    There are more of us this time and we are stronger…I say we organize rallies in all the major cities in the country…so we can be better organized…Seattle here..Ron Paul is my President!!! In Liberty!

  23. George Washington

    OOOO how exciting!!

    Mr. Ron Paul for 2012 Republican Nom and President.
    -Strengthen our USD
    -No Inflation
    -Balance the Budget
    -No Mandated Healthcare
    -Creates MANY JOBS
    -New Crop Industries
    -Free Market
    -Very Pro Life
    -No Bailout
    -No Patriot Act
    -Stays out of foreign DOMESTIC AFFAIRS, but contract/trade with all
    -No Unjustified War with no objectives
    -Brings our Troops Home after over 10 YEARS OF FIGHTING!!!!
    The USA could have fought WWII twice in 10 years!
    Please, let’s bring America’s Troops home. They deserve it. We could have fought 2 WWII in this time.
    Leave the Middle East, and all other Nations that are agreed to be sovereign, ALONE with regard to DOMESTIC AFFAIRS.

    American Lives are NOT toys.

    Bring our Troops Home
    Mr. Ron Paul 2012

  24. MariforRonPaul

    My first vote will go to Ron Paul. I want freedom to my country so my kids and grandkids are able to grow free too, free of debt and facist government! Go RON PAUL -Restore America Now!

  25. Mark

    This is so encouraging! It’s great to see the MSM smear campaign against Dr. Paul is not having the effect it had last time. For anyone wanting a quick way to show friends how the MSM is twisting Ron Paul’s positions on key issues, check out these short videos I made.


  26. Jessica

    Yay, Ron Paul!!

    Ron Paul is the only GOP candidiate who can take away votes from Obama (myself being an example of this). The right-wing media better embrace this, or suffer an embarrassing loss to Obama in 2012.

  27. david

    Well I for 1 say to all the NEOCON defenders if you put another pretend conservative on the ballot or anyone other than RON PAUL as the 2012 nominee I will and I urge vote for obama and I urge all other ron paul supporters to do the same.If you want to play the same good old boy network I’ll do my best to make sure you get what you deserve

  28. MichaelLiberty

    “I will always vote what I have promised, and always vote the Constitution, as well as I will not vote for one single penny that isn’t paid for, because debt is the monster, debt is what’s going to eat us up and that is why our economy is on the brink”.
    -Ron Paul

  29. Ronuloid

    My sincere thanks to the good people of Iowa, for supporting the greatest champion of liberty that we have. I had the honor of shaking this great man’s hand in Reno, recently and it is a moment that I will treasure for as long as I live. Our beloved country is dangerously close to the brink of disaster. Fellow citizens, do not believe the lies of the main stream media, Ron Paul, can win. Not only can he win, he must win. Never has the choice been so clear. A victory for Dr. Paul, is a victory for the people. A victory for anyone else is a victory for Wall Street and the global banking elite. Ron Paul 2012!!!!!

  30. Chris

    SUPPORT RON PAUL. GO TO http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ron-Paul-Sign-Bomb-Los-Angeles/195523343826864.

  31. BettyLiberty

    Ron Paul cured my apathy, and he IS my president!

  32. Conservative Witch

    I don’t want to mislead anyone. This is not a pro-Paul candidacy comment.

    I think a lot of this man and am sympathetic to his philosophical orientation. But I am not supporting his candidacy.

    We are at war in several countries, but none of these conflicts is even close in importance to the one we are currently waging against the Left in this country. The election of 2012 is about our survival as a nation of free people. In a fight like this one, ideological purity is not as important as winning the war — and Paul cannot win.

    Paul is erudite. His positions are deep and well thought-out; but they are too foreign to most people’s thinking, and it is these “most people” who will determine who our next President will be and whether our country will remain free.

    Paul is the candidate for later. He is ahead of his time. The country is not ready for him and will reject him. People are scared, and they will vote for the devil they know rather than someone as different as Paul is and whom they frankly don’t understand.

    We must win the battle of 2012. We must. Personally, I think Sarah Palin is the one who can win it; and she is no RINO, no inside-the-Beltway Republican. She may not be everything you want; but among her many virtues is that of electability.

    Paul cannot win. I’m sorry. Please face facts, don’t waste your time, money and precious enthusiasm on a lost cause. Obama must be defeated.

    1. SavvyLiberty

      Sorry, but Palin is a RINO and a quitter and not even sure she is running.

      Paul can win, with your vote and all of our votes.

      Please refrain from using this logic. If we all ban together, we are unstoppable!

      RON PAUL 2012!

  33. Karen and Don in Kansas

    Dr. Ron Paul is our President, we would love to include others in our liberty, prosperity, sound mind and peace movement. Climb aboard the LOV3 train.

  34. Karen and Don in Kansas

    We want to share the message that Ron Paul is spreading, whether or not he is going to get the nomination for Republican candidate for the POTUS, because we will not again vote for an establishment candidate or their ideas. The establishment has tanked our economy, and spread lies about the need for endless wars and prohibition of free will. Ron Paul trusts us to be mostly sound minded, instead of treating everyone like children who cannot act responsibly.

  35. NJNAN

    The only candidate that has been constitutionally and morally consistent is Ron Paul. Lawlessness=chaos=today. Even if you don’t agree with all of his policies, you will know that you will get what you voted for. That never happens!
    Our #1 problem is debt – the Fed is the enabler of that debt. If a candidate does not have a clear position to ending the Fed, that candidate will be ineffective in bringing America back. What other candidate besides Paul has that? Paul is a brilliant economist, has warned of our predicament of today and is the only candidate capable to effectively run our nation under the rule of law.

  36. George Washington

    Ron Paul 2012

  37. cevon

    Good points, but I just don’t see Ron Paul winning the nomination.

  38. Dr.PaulCan

    Sorry to hear of all of you that have already given up hope, by saying that Ron Paul cannot win. He is the only one that is consistently close in winning when placed in polls next to Obama. So, I would guess then by your logic, that no one else should run because no one can beat Obama? So, “don’t waste your time, money and precious enthusiasm on a lost cause.”
    You say you like him, but that cannot be true, you cannot possibly listen to what he has said for the last 30 years, and not support him fully. One does not “like” Ron Paul.
    You believe in him, you support him and are willing to work towards getting him on the ballot.

  39. Yort

    Quit saying he cant get elected people. All the poles show him as front runner. Quit buying in to the MSM propaganda about him not being electable. Your being brainwashed by the establishment !
    Heres a link to the Fox GOP debate poll that they asked everybody to gp to and vote after the Iowa debate. Fox took it down off their website or hid it when paul surged ahead. he racked up more votes nationwide than the rest put together, even in just Iowa.

  40. technology news

    Longest serving Governor in our states history and calling him names and giving false information only shows that you are part of the Obama slander and attack team. When you go up against the man that created more JOBS than the rest of the states combined over the last three years have some facts.Or shut up.

    1. Bill421

      LOL! Perry is a joke. This country will not elect another hick from the backward state of Texas. Let alone a man who would actually consider leaving the US.
      Moreover, it is a complete lie that he has created more jobs than all other states combined. It is not even close to the truth.
      A liar or moron from Texas? To be expected.

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