Rubio Surges, Trump Maintains Lead in Final Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Iowa Poll

Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics Iowa Poll
In the final Des Moines Register Iowa Caucus poll Marco Rubio has surged to 15% and a strong third place showing.  He likely is the winner of the Trumpless debate and this last minute surge will shake up the final results.  Trump maintains a 5% lead over Cruz whiles all other candidates failed to register meaningful percentages.

Donald Trump – 28%
Ted Cruz ———- 23%
Marco Rubio —- 15%
Ben Carson —– 10%
Rand Paul ——- 5%
Chris Christie — 3%


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  1. Anonymous

    polititians are ruining this country, hopefully trump wins

  2. Anonymous

    And if Donald Trump wins, what will he do for the country?

    1. Anonymous

      could it be any worse than Obama?

    2. carrie

      Everything immigrants were. Asked to twelve years ago to become citizens or leave by bush they did not I am proud he will inforce he is the only politian with Balls

  3. carrie harmon

    What has the”politicians” done for this country ??? We need a real person in office.why not make a real change?

    1. carrie

      What change you live in the richest country in the world why would you change no just protect

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t think any of them give a crap about this country, they just care about getting elected. What an embarrassing group of candidates, on both sides, that we will be forced to choose from. Sad it’s come to this in my opinion.

    1. carrie

      Trump will stand for our country and prevent change that’s why immigrants come here because of people like trumps creation

  5. Mike

    Disagree…………………. I think Carly Fiorina cares she is a regular person. she started out as a secretary and became a CEO. She is smart and cares about us working stiffs. She has more foreign police experience and will run the government like a business person and hold people accountable. I think that’s why the media downplays her because she might actually be able to break up the good ole boy network in Washington and expose them all to we the people.

  6. carrie

    But that the problem you live in a America only stupid people want jobs you have the entire world get a career vote trump get it right

  7. carrie

    Our country is the richest most wonderful place in the world. Vote for yourself and vote trump someone who has lived the American dream even in his losses and divorces. He represents with Balls praise God

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