Clinton Defeats Sanders in Democratic Caucus

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton fought it out all night and morning in the 2016 Democratic Iowa Caucus and Clinton edges sanders out by four votes (699 – 695) and one delegate.


It is on to the New Hampshire Primary! Click here to get the latest news, speeches, and polls.



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  1. Edward Earl Moreno

    Between Clinton and Sanders, Clinton still is the one to beat. Sanders promises are great but with a Republican control congress, basically they are pipe dreams. Good intentions don’t do it for me. Hillary Clinton has the exsperiance. Sanders is getting the 17 to 30 year old vote. These are very young individuals who are very easily swayed by a good talker. Sanders or Hillary more than likely can beat anyone in the general election. We need someone who has been there. She can take anything they through at her. Can Sanders? Does Sanders have the back up like Pres Clinton her Husband. Look at his record. He did well for the USA during his tenor. God bless America.

    1. Haywood Yablome

      with the Republican controlling congress not with a Republican control congress

      experience not exsperiance Dude….spell check!!!!
      throw not through seriously?! My 5 year old niece knows the difference.
      backup not back up “back up” means reversing
      husband not Husband its a common noun, not a proper noun

      Perhaps you could use some schooling.

      1. J.J.

        omg, what’s pnt. this isn’t the spelling bee.

        1. Anonymous

          But it shows ones ability to double check ones work for misspelling ones word. If Hilary had posted the same spelling she would have been flambasted. Guy should have checked his spelling or bought a better smart phone or is is fone 😉

    2. Evdog

      “Sanders promises are great but with a Republican control congress, basically they are pipe dreams.”

      And Hillary will get things through a gridlocking Republican party? Especially after she said that she is proud to have Republicans as her #1 enemy.

      “Hillary Clinton has the exsperiance.” “We need someone who has been there.”

      Hillary has had 8 years as an elected official. Bernie has has over 30 years experience. He has ‘been there’ about 4 times as much.

      “She can take anything they through at her. Can Sanders?”

      In mayoral elections, and in senate elections, he has beaten /both/ Republicans and Democrats in 3-way races. They have called him a commie; they have called him lofty and unrealistic and he has, time and again, proven that wrong.

      “Does Sanders have the back up like Pres Clinton her Husband”

      You mean the name recognition? No, he doesn’t.

      “God bless America.”


    3. Ron Smith

      Sanders has much more experience from Mayor to Senator.Sanders has been consistent for 30 years .Hilliary took 600,000 in speaking fees from Goldman Sax last year. They want the TPP to pass any chhance she will really fight against the TPP ? Unlike Bernie she has not even stated why she is against it. she has the backing of her Husband who was impeached and now up to recently ran there global initiative that that spends 10 percent on causes.A whos who of Banks and Corporate America donate to the Clinton Fondation. Bernie has brought Politics to the 17 to 30 generation and are well informed .I heard an older caucaus member iinterviewed last night who said she was voting for Mario.

    4. Anonymous

      tenure not tenor

      1. Thomas

        Really annoying not just annoying.

  2. Anonymous

    Personally, I find your disregard of the younger generation shows that you have little EXPERIENCE with understanding history. They are the ones that change the world the last generation created. They think for themselves, which is why they aren’t swayed by their elders’ opinions.

  3. Anonymous

    Go Bernie, not paid for by Super PACS.

  4. Kylie

    Go Hillary!

  5. Arthur

    I trust Hillary completely and believe she is the most qualified candidate for US President. She will do well in the South and onward. Very exciting!

    1. Papa man

      Arthur, you can’t change the facts. Hillary is a liar, she has lied to you , congress and the American people. What a great example for children follow. Well, it really doesn’t matter anyway, you can’t hold public office if you are a convicted felon and sitting in prison!

      1. Thomas

        When has she lied? Everybody has a time with they misspeak or change their mind, but give a time when she lied? Or is it more media bluster.

  6. CobaltJT

    I agree. We Dems trust her…no issues AT ALL. She’s an inspiration to a great many. Was an admirable Sec. of State and will be an even greater President…and make history. She’s our best bet for the future of our country.

    1. J

      Your best bet is a loss for the country. She’s deceitful, dishonest and not suited to lead the nation nor our the Republicans. Only Bernie can save us for now!

    1. Anonymous

      Trump Launch:


    2. Egypt

      Aricelts like this make life so much simpler.

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      1. Kory

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    6. quality furniture discounts

      Comrade Bo May,You are doing a stinking job winning hearts and minds of these poor Viets. Your name will have to be brought up to the Politburo for disciplinary measure.You need to go back to communist school for better indoctrination on how to win friends and convincing strangers. Right now, you are a poor excuse of being a communist.

  7. John

    Hilary will be the worst thing for America like her friend Obama.

    1. J

      Right on!

  8. Joe

    WOW! The ignorance of Hillary supporters continues to astound me. You people are the epitome of stupid. SHE’S A CRIMINAL!! Do yourself and the country a favor. Pull your head out of the sand and take your rose-colored glasses off, get your “news” somewhere besides MSNBC and educate yourself on the facts. There is no doubt, read that again–NO DOUBT, that she committed multiple felonies which compromised our National Security and somehow you want this bitch running our country? You clowns are living proof that you can’t fix “stupid.”

    1. Papa man

      Well said Joe!!

      1. Thomas

        Follow old sheep.

    2. Thomas

      Joe, you are just inexperienced and quite frankly, simple. She isn’t a criminal.
      I know you said it and there for it is. Multiple felonies…LOL!! You are are right wing hack and full of shit.

  9. Janet

    Bernie gets your heart pounding and your blood flowing…Hilary is boring. We want the world to listen, not fall asleep at the table.

    1. J


  10. dan

    its hard to believe that Hillary declared victory with 699 votes, when the 11th place republican got 1782. out of appx. 200,000 that’s not even 1%.. wow.

    1. boB

      I was wondering the same thing, Dan, and why none of the news sources are mentioning that. The 11th place (R) candidate garnished more votes than the (d) candidates combined. Must be another type of numerical representation I’m guessing. Either way, it’s a rather profound indicator.

      1. boB

        I forgot to add the following:

        “There are now 611,990 registered Republicans in Iowa, compared to 607,999 Democrats. Independents still outnumber both parties, with 678,704.” And less than 1400 voters came out for the (d) candidates.

        If the turnout ratio in NH and SC is consistent with Iowa’s, I’d say Americans are sending a very loud message to Washington D.C. The Super-Tuesday states will add to a pretty solid prediction of the outcome in November.

        1. boB

          oops… just looked it up. It’s individual votes (R) vs. number of delegates translated from votes (d). Still a significant ratio of voter turnout.

    2. Thomas

      Amazing? She won. Not amazing.

  11. dan

    of all the lies Hillary has told, the laws she broken, and the money she has stolen or taken from different countries she should be in Leavenworth Kansas instead of iowa.

    1. J

      True. But we live in a mufia-style country. So anyihing goes.

  12. mare

    Gosh, it seems as though they failed to read their own manual, on the coin toss, when the coin is tossed, the winner of the toss is the loser of the delegate, which means, the 6 delegates go to Bernie Sanders, not Hillary.. Now its up to the Iowa Democratic Party to do the right thing, Since the Secretary of State said they had to deal with both this issue and the reported voter fraud by C-span on video.. Someone should have been listening to what Bernie said on the first debate. “If a candidate has to resort to cheating to win an election, they need to find another job”….. I know of no-one who wants to go through another stolen election like we had in 2000…. Its time to stand up, do the right thing, are we democrats, liberals or are we republicans?

  13. Esthy.

    with all the candidates paraded from both parties, Hillary is the most qualified, experienced and varsile of them all, given the job at hand, the trends of time and for the future of our great country. Go Hillary, we are behind you and victory is yours, come November.

    1. J

      Your supporting a criminal for President. I’m sorry for you.

      1. Mike

        You’re an ignorant liar, I feel sorry for us having to listen to you.

    2. mike

      qualified to do what??? she held a senate position in NY for 4 years, was APPOINTED to Sec of State (not voted in) and botched everything she touched. Does being the wife of a past president make her qualified?? Bernie has years more experience than Hillary. Too bad his policies are not good for the country, but please tell me why you think she’s the most qualified

      1. Anonymous

        To carry on the policies of one of our greatest President. President Obama has initiated Health Care for the masses which Hillary had worked on in the 90″s, she was also involved in the start of negotiations with Iran. Tired of the same old Republican responses to the middle east and elsewhere of Carpet bomb, shoot the Russians out of the sky and not having any plan of success. Negotiate before war everytime..

        1. anonymous

          Healthcare for the masses. what a joke. talk to the 200,000 plus people that have lost their jobs in Oil & Gas, cant find jobs and some can’t afford Obamacare because they do not have children under age 18 or wives who are pregnant and do not qualify for state assistance to help pay for it. Tell them how great Obamacare is.

    3. lili

      How much are you being paid. Do you have any individual thought? You sound like a hillary lobbyist.

      1. Mike D

        Everybody is in on it! Crazy much?

  14. Anonymous

    Mislabeling Hillary won by .3 % a virtual tie. Sanders will probably win in New Hampshire then it’s an open race.

    1. J

      Yeah! Go Bernie, go! Onto victory for the people!

  15. Anonymous

    I find hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would support Hillary or even think think she is remotely qualified to lead this great country of ours. She definitely should be in Leavenworth instead of Iowa.

  16. Anonymous

    Like Trump, Cruz or Rubio could actually run this country. Not!

  17. whatisamerica

    Who are these twits supporting hillary, trump, cruz, or rubio?? One big pack holding the US on a leash.
    Are you people some sort of cult or brainwashed monkeys with no access to the outside world? I don’t get it, I simply don’t understand the mass amount of stupidity in this country. Investigate for yourself each candidate, develop a risk analysis based from your research and have an informed decision instead of breathing in each other’s stench.

    1. Mike D

      Trump is the same as Hillary???? You obviously are about 20 years old and have no sense of history or politics.
      Hilllary 2016!

  18. Anton Atanassov

    This article should be titled more accurately – “Clinton BEARLY Defeats Sanders in Democratic Caucus”

  19. Kimberly Traucins

    Stop Hillary Clinton from stealing the working class vote for Polk County!

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