The Embarrassment That is Trump Must Exit

Most Americans knew the truth, Barack Obama was born in America and of course was an American (his mom was born in Kansas).   A few desperately held onto to a lie for what ever reasons that he was not an American.  Now that Hawaii has released the official birth certificate of Barack Obama it is time to move on to real issues that matter to real Americans. It is time for those who carried the lies to exit, namely Donald Trump.

certificate-obamaTrump clearly has know real ideas or plans for America.   He is but a sideshow with bad hair. He has bet what ever political capital he was somehow given on the lie that Barack Obama wasn’t born in America. Now that we are 100 x 3 percent sure, Trump must get out of the race (if he was ever really in it). He has become a national embarrassment and a disgrace.

Please Mr. Trump, do not come to Iowa.  You are not needed.  We have plenty of real candidates here.

PDF of Birth Certificate


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  1. iowa caucus

    He is not going to run. For sure not now.

  2. w.h. urban

    Unfortunately for us all, Mr. Trump included the long form birth certificate released by the white house has been tampered:
    there are many videos like this that have appeared on the YouTube. Check them out. Then wonder why this was not mentioned at the White Hose Press corps dinner this past weekend.

  3. Dale Hankemeier

    Well, the problem is this. You need to be a “Natural Born Citizen” to be eligible to run for the office of POTUS. Not a citizen, not a naturalized citizen, a Natural Born Citizen. Art.II Sec. I of the Constitution has age, residence, born “on soil,” and both parents citizens at the time of the child’s birth. Since Obama’s dad was Kenyan, under the jurisdiction of Great Britain, he is ineligible to hold office.

    1. iowa caucus

      Ya, except that is exactly what it doesn’t say. Continue with your delusions.

      1. Alfonzie Stepney III

        Please, tell us. What does it say? Enlighten us deluded ones.

  4. estanislao

    Most American’s were Conned.

    Case in point, this article. ANYONE who used Photoshop (and I imagine that’s a LOT of people) can tell you without hesitation, that this document is RIDICULOUSLY fake. They didn’t even try hard to do a good job… there’s a hidden smiley face in the doctors signature, different fonts in the same words etc. etc. ad nausium.

    Trump was a ploy to kill the story, which he apparently did, and in return got his big TV contract deal from one of Obama’s biggest supporters.

    Dr. J. Corsi wrote a whole book on how fake that piece of crap is and has filed criminal charges agains Obama.

    Seriously, a first year design student could’ve done a better job. It is absolutely, without even a hint of question.,., the worst attempt at forgery my 27 years of experience has ever seen.

    1. iowa caucus

      LOL! You pathetic anti-American loser. Get a life.

  5. john

    More to the point, why are Obama’s SAT and LSAT scores secret? As to the birth certificate, I assume he was born in Hawaii but where’s the actual long-form document? Also, where are Obama’s actual college transcripts?

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