Trump Coming to Iowa

The Des Moines Register reports that Donald Trump has scheduled his first appearance in Iowa.

Trump has been seen regularly on radio and television talk shows talking about the economy, foreign affairs and national politics. In the spirit of a Independent he has been hitting both Republicans and Democrats.


Ready or Not Iowa

Trump has already announced that he will be visiting New Hampshire where he will probably have a little better luck, but a visit to Iowa means he may be serious about a run.

He topped two other leading GOP contenders, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, in a Wall Street Journal/NBC poll of favorability ratings.

It is hard to believe Trump will be taken serious by the well-versed Iowa electorate, but he should at least make things interesting.

With no political experience, the Donald is all over the place, somewhat of a snake oil salesmen. During his appearance on “The View” he beat the dead horse of questioning why President Obama won’t release his birth certificate.

Trump will announce a decision before he appears June 10 as the headline speaker at the Iowa Republican Party’s Lincoln Day dinner.

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  1. Lorinda Janusch

    I wanted to vote in your Poll at the top of this page, but unfortunately Donald Trump wasn’t listed. I understand that many folks in the media are promoting the snake oil salesman opinion of Trump, but make no mistake, the silent majority finds him to be a straight shooter. A sleeping giant has been awakened. We like his answers and ability to take a stand without Lobbyists and others in his pockets. We like that he isn’t a politician. I recommend that you pay attention, we are behind him and the more you shrug him off, the more powerful his base becomes.

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