Trump Continues to Fall in Polls as Carson Takes Big Lead

ben carson 3Ben Carson is the official front runner for the 2016 Iowa Caucus as he has taking large leads in four national polls.  Donald Trump has falling from his peak of upper twenty percent just barely twenty percent.
Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz continue to battle for the establishment vote finishing around double-digits in all four polls.
Jeb Bush is in between insignificant and establishment front runner at an average of 6.2%.

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iowa caucus poll 2

Source: Real Clear Politics


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  1. susan m.

    No way should Carson be leading. Trump is the strongest person to lead our country out of the mess its in. He also has way more experience than Carson. He has built an empire.

    1. Christian for Carson

      What this country needs is a morality check. We need a basis for that morality and that would be God. We have to many people only concerned about themselves and their moral directive is whatever it takes for them to get there. That just doesn’t work. This country was based Christian values and that is the only thing that will save it. When I survey the field the only one that sticks out is Ben Carson.

  2. Anonymous

    Trump is the man. He’s a fighter and we need a fighter. I like him a lot

    1. Rich Paul

      If I so hated the world that I wanted to see the world perish in a Nuclear cloud, Trump would be my man. I have other goals, though.

  3. Guy Seabrook

    I find it very disturbing that so many Americans are so fickle about the serious threats to our country. They truly have their head’s in the sand when it comes to the need for a bold and no nonsense leader like Donald Trump to take the helm and make us a great nation again. I am a Vietnam Veteran and know what a nation under seize looks like. Open your eyes America. This is not a game.

  4. Connie

    When and where are the next two caucuses for the Republican party?

  5. Connie

    Thank you I just wanted for a Republican news article.

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