Hewitt Gate: Trump Loses Trust in Foreign Policy Interview Lie

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The question was tough one indeed.  Conservative radio host, Hugh Hewitt , asked Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump if he knew Quds leader General Soleimani, Trump mistook the Quds, a paramilitary force, for the Kurds, a Middle Eastern ethnic group and US ally.
“The Kurds, by the way, have been horribly mistreated,” Trump says, clearly trying to change the subject. He sounded more like a used car salesmen as he lied about knowing.  It is was embarrassingly obvious.
“No, not the Kurds, the Quds Forces, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Quds Forces,” said Hewitt, correcting Trump.
While not many people know Soleimani, the fact that he lied and acted as if he did know him, speaks volumes about Mr. Trump. It is understood that Trump will put someone in charge of giving him this type of information if elected, that is not the problem.  It’s…the cover up.  Acting like he knew Soleimani and then tries to change the subject, instead of saying, “Haven’t heard of him, but trust me I will if I’m elected.” made him look like a cheap business man, not the President of the United States.
It is a low moment for Donald Trump’s candidacy.  He has lost something he can never get back. Trust.


  1. Julie

    Donald Trump does not know the foreign policy at all..I rather to have someone from Republican party knows about foreign policy like Rand Paul!!

  2. Bigjohn

    No one cares what Hewitt Gate: thinks or says

  3. Levi

    Donald Trump is only running for president to gain popularity and further himself as a business man. He does not care about politics whatsoever and would make a horrible president. I literally believe any other candidate from either party would be a more established and successful president, which is saying something judging from some of the other guys.

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